• Diversity refers to differences

• Diversity refers to differences. Diversity is recognising our differences whist still being unique individuals through our different colours, languages and religions etc.

• Equality is about treating people fairy and giving them equality of opportunities according to their needs. E.g. the workplace should be fitted with ramps enabling disabled people to have the same opportunity of employment in that workplace as any other individual.

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• Inclusion promotes equality and respects diversity as it is about including all individuals, no matter what their differences are, by removing barriers to participation, giving all differently abled individuals the same access to equal opportunities.

• Discrimination is unfair treatment that involves labelling people differently due to negative attitudes, based on their differences, such as colour, race or religion, causing oppression to people.

Discrimination in the workplace can be intentional and plainly visible. This is known as deliberate discrimination. Examples include unfair treatment towards a person because of their race, religion or sexual orientation, and excluding people who use wheelchairs by not providing access. Other forms of discrimination can be unintentional or accidental and are not as easy to see. This is known as indirect discrimination. For example, providing food at times that do not take into account religious fasting periods may apply equally to everyone but might disadvantage certain individuals or groups.