• information related to the war; number

• Route selection and destination management(Hashem & Anuar ,2016); Quick order of goods and delivery or emergency postal delivery; Dynamic time calculation for emergency vehicles like ambulance, ?re service car, police van (Jony, 2016) :Predict ticket confirmations for trains (Verma et. 2016); Enhance the education processes’ efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity; Active learning environments; create a knowledge-based society (Nuaimi, et al. 2015). Prediction of share prices (Jony, 2016).

• Gaining insights into shopping behavior; Customer Retention; Portfolio, product or economy-level prediction ; marketing (Verma et. 2016). Correct prediction in real-time for better treatment; Facilitate real-time prognosis and diagnosis (Jony, 2016).• Health monitoring (Hashem ; Anuar ,2016);• analyze information as vehicles used in war; opposition strengths or any movement; current situation or historical information related to the war; number of soldiers (Jony, 2016)• Fraud detection; Surveillance application; Video Analytics for investigation (Video Search); Detection of Threats (Verma et. 2016).• Real-time decisions based on crowd movement, increasing parking lots, traf?c control, medical supports, or number of security force presence in areas of the events (Jony, 2016)• Early prediction and warnings of natural disaster as earthquakes, ?oods, tsunami, cyclones, volcanoes, etc.

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(Jony, 2016).• Real-time monitoring of usage; Production prediction; Future usages rate prediction; ef?cient resource allocation (Jony, 2016)• Water leakages detection; Proper water supply; Product development improvement (Verma, et. 2016).• smart policies creation and implementation (Hashem ; Anuar ,2016)• Quality service delivery, participation and engagement; elections winnig (Verma, et. 2016).

• Power supply management (Hashem ; Anuar ,2016)• It improves the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electric power (Nuaimi, et al. 2015)