1.0 Introduction. Students nowadays used to communicate

1.0 Introduction.Students nowadays used to communicate with people because they are expecting the continuous connection of information.

Against the way they live their lives to put away their personal technology during class session because there are a few reason for student expect what they learn at school have connection with the reality world(Kelley, 2009). Beside that, student can easily access the information by search from Google and a lot of relevant website will recently produces. Students todays grow up with gadgets and everything is on fingertips. That’s how technology conquer student mind and the way they are think. This evolution of the study can lead to the generation of innovative students. Live in twenty-century era fully change the ways of working in all area in life. Modern technology hundred percent influenced the changes in education system. This revolution era need a concrete development plan in education, but over time it must have some factor that will defect the plan which is can be a factor that limits of the contemporary role of education management.

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The educational institution that applied this new environment will be more modern and successful where people in there does not look like having a traditional way of teaching and learning such as only using book as their available sources of knowledge .Innovative happen when the people has a creativity of ideas, can do something that are outside of the box and keep the task to be practice. Creativity and innovation are more important at twenty first century whereby the knowledge society has been developed so well(Mishra, 2014). One of factor that people can reveal their creative and innovative skill is by education. It is show because in education have a learning process where it is can help especially student to hit the road by showing what they have.The nature of online instruction does not allow instructor to perceived important non-verbal cues that signal in order to be understanding.

Other than that, successful online student can be describe self-motivated, self-directed, exhibiting an internal locus of control with above average executive functioning, communication, interaction and technological skills(Kauffman, 2015). When new idea has been generated, created and developed it show that hat how the innovative behavior been described and the process of a student learning. According to research done by (Thurlings, Evers, and Vermeulen (2015) state that there are a few reason that lead to the changes of teacher behavior because form teaching it can affect the creation of innovative student. Firstly is keep up to date with a quickly changing especially with the community of people.

This is because it will lead to demands in knowledge where in fact will increasing for both students and teacher. The next reason is upcoming new technologies and understanding of deep things about the teaching require. It is important because it will lead to have a creative idea by apply it with the connection of technologies. Third is the school itself need to show a good example and act which is as the starting point for more innovative behavior of people who is lawfully live a country so they can stay competitive. Education is extremely important in order to help student showing their ability in order to create interesting new things and creative ideas.

All technologies are a group of people or devices that are made up of smaller parts of other technologies. That is how the change try to get better and how they are built through combination and recombination. Some of those technologies in assembly will be harder and more pre-decide, some softer and open to change by the end users.

Softer technologies are those that combine humans in their design and putting into law, where allowing tools to be used in any ways(Anderson ; Dron, 2014). Social technologies are basically and mostly soft. Other than that, the application of social technology are unable to be separated from the processes, rules, normal behaviors and ways of doing things that are grouped together with them. The technologies provide opportunities and the users as a people, groups, and networks decide how the best use for selfish reasons.The students become an independent learner and critical thinker when they carefully study, figure out the worth, amount, or quality of and the combination of information from variety of sources and present their own reasonable understanding(El-shaer ; Gaber, 2014). This is known as employing ‘higher order thinking skills’. Learning higher order thinking-related abilities such as critical thinking has always been the final goal of education.

Although the word critical can mean to find fault or to criticize, critical thinking is not a negative activity. Critical thinking was define as the identification and process of figuring out the worth, amount, or quality of something to guide decision making. 2.

0 Literature Review2.1 Innovative Student ( Dependent Variable)Teachers know all too well the constant challenge of how best to use technology when helping students learn. With the increased availability of the internet and computer applications over the past 20 years, college and university professors have strengthened their loyalty to use computer technology to improve classroom learning(Strayer, 2012). As with any educational tool, there are many success plans for using computer technology.

One such a way of reaching goals depends on technology to introduce students to course content outside of the classroom so that students can engage that content at a deeper level inside the classroom. Innovative student behavior will occur when there is something new or unique of idea from student towards their learning process.The fast moving ahead of computer and network technologies has attracted people who work to find information to develop tools and success plans for managing and doing computer-helped learning activities. With these new technologies, innovative student learning content becomes rich and many different kinds of people because of the use of hypermedia and combining video, sound, words, and pictures together presentations. Researcher have pointed to that hypermedia systems are good for providing decorated with a personal touch learning supports or guidance by identifying the personal qualities of students and adapting the presentation styles or learning paths in the same way(Yang, Hwang, ; Yang, 2013). In the past ten years, different decoration with a personal touch ways of doing things have been proposed for developing is able to change and get better hypermedia learning systems, and have showed the benefit of such an approach. For example, an able to change and get better learning system by taking students’ knowledge levels as the main factor for adapting the learning that composes decorated with a personal touch learning content by thinking about people knowledge level and the difficulty level of the learning objects.Teachers thinking ability were still in love with the lecture method, so people found ways to include the newly developed technology into their classes, basically making it less likely that students would simply sit and without trying to stop or change what’s happening that they are listen.

Probably the most fancy or smart approach is the interactive lecture demo (ILD) which has students in a lecture hall or a classroom but not a lab watch an act of showing or proving then describe a possible future event the kind of data that would soon be gathered from teacher-operated computer sensors(Kelley, 2009). Studies have shown relatively large learning gains when instructors carefully follow the explained ILD instructions. Innovative student can be detect by the way of their learning process where from that their learning process will conquer and influence the way of their thinking of getting new and unique ideas. Sources: http://ignatiawebs.blogspot.my/2014/07/linking-k12-to-mlearning-networked.

htmlThe graph above is showed an innovative pedagogical practices where it stated the vital process that are needed in order to approach an innovative student. The teacher and students intensively used technology. They made use of technology as an device that makes music to complete different tasks.

For instance, they used the computer as an effective presentation tool, communication tool, production tool for data retrieval and storage. Sometimes, the technology itself could be a part of the learning conditions. For example, the Internet could be a very rich source of information in which students learned many things. This technology-embedded learning conditions can be used to improve students’ learning in terms of wasting very little while working or producing something and effectiveness(Tong & Trinidad, 2005). Tries to use the technology development such as smartphones, tablets as well as laptop have a wide chance in helping increase the right way of practices on teaching and learning in college.

Improving effectiveness and wasting very little while working with worldwide became visible to the online learning, any approach to fulfill the needs in improving the learning quality process to provide information from many sources refers to adopt the way which helps in getting teaching and learning useful things supplies(Huda, Haron, Ripin, Hehsan, & Yaacob, 2017). Helping this process committed in testing/evaluating online learning supported easily through the recommendation improves the whole effort to begin on doing something to change the sources. More than that, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with the process in preparing practical basis with the standard is putting into use the solid basic structure on which bigger things can be built of big data should be transmitted into the particular job to help the related to social pressure, how people act toward each other concern in terms of teaching and learning, running for business, and communication purposes.Students are expected to master the knowledge that clearly connected with or related to the problem to be solved(El-shaer & Gaber, 2014).

Then, students conduct a group where they are working in a group to get ideas and discussion session. They exchange and share their information with all the learning issues and educated guesses, and should reach an acceptable definition that is agreed upon by all members. From the discussion, student can built their innovative idea in order to be one of innovative student where can think outside of the box.2.2 Creativity (Independent Variable)Being soft, social software is rich with grouping together possibility of human activities, and may be deeply laced together with social and organizational processes(Anderson & Dron, 2014).

Unlike more made to do one thing very well tools that are designed for particular purposes and have little flexibility, if any at all, for other choice uses, social software enables to showing the ability to create interesting new things with the uses and purposes that its designers probably never dreamed of. It is this way for a change and ability to create interesting new things in learning and teaching. Although it would be a statement that says that something is much bigger to suggest that all students enjoy working and learning with others, the opportunity to make new social contacts and build new networks of friends is an important reason why many work at formal educational activities.According to Vaughan(2014) state that in order to make sure that students reflected on the course material and came to class prepared for an activity, they needed a space for reflection that also allowed the professor to view and record learning. The answer to this was a showing the ability to create interesting new things form of discussion board posting. Within each lecture, there was an embedded discussion on time that students needed to listen for and write down. As the goal was to make sure students were actively listening, the prompt was not listed on a slide and the location varied within the lecture.

The placement depended on what they were to reflect on and was given out where it was appropriate. Students were demanded to watch the lecture and respond to the discussion question by midnight on the day before class met. The professor could log into the discussion board before class, have a read through the postings and gain an instant idea of what the students took away from the lecture, where they needed support and what mistakes in thinking needed to be talked to. This was extremely valuable to creating a successful learning experience in class and needed students to be active listeners not allowing something to happen without reacting or trying to stop it receivers of knowledge. Beside that, student can creatively think about the solution in order to identify the answer or the question given.

1) prestige of other sectors for example development

1) The name of the topic is engineering practice in building and construction . The building and construction industry is one of the most important industries in Malaysia. Good engineering practice will ensure safety of the people . Safety on the site is important and It affects the prestige of other sectors for example development sector .

Sir John Hollands AC says there are 6 principles in construction safety . The principles are safety leadership , design safety , safety communication , manage safety risks , improve safety performance and entrench safety practices . According to Board of Engineers Malaysia , some of the good engineering practices are listed below : i) Ensuring all slopes and retaining structures are safe for buildings ii) Being around to supervise the workers during construction iii) Designing the proper building structures and foundation to suit the drafted platform by supervising engineer iv) Analysing the geographical aspects of the construction area before starting construction work v) Carrying out the proper actions and investigations required she or he decides to change the slope profile or any loading vi) Submitting any endorsed design and works to the local authority and the client vii) Design the building and certify form G3 and G4 In 2017 , Nicolas 6 wrote an article discussing about making environmentally friendly cement to be used in construction . According to Nicolas , The electricity and heat demands of cement production are responsible for 50% of the carbon dioxide emission . The other half comes from the heating of limestone to form quicklime . According to the BZE report , some of the concrete can be replaced with geopolymer concrete , which contains cement form other products besides limestone . The other 2 types of cement which can be used is high blend cement and carbon negative cement . Besides that , the carbon dioxide can be capture using mineral carbonation .

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This technique is capable of capturing 90% of carbon dioxide emitted . Building information modelling(BIM) 5 is process of creating and using 3D parametric CAD for design to enable the exchange of information within a team in a construction project . BIM is a fast processs and reduces human error . It helps different parties to communicate and discuss a construction project .

However , many people do not know what is BIM or its uses , believing that it is difficult to learn costs them an arm and foot . The government is attempting to introduce BIM to the construction industry by implementing and supporting BIM plus providing training to those in need . Gul 7 says that the frequency of slope failures is not just due to rainfall but also many other factors. One famous incident is the Highland Towers collapse in 1993 . Inedequate drainage system is to be blamed for this incident . 48 lives are lost in this incident .

From the computational analysis done by Prof Simon, (Nguee, 2006) , the high walls around the block have a low safety factor at just 1.52 , not taking into account water pressure . Following this incident , the government has taken some action including amending existing acts related to construction sector. The common point in these 3 articles is that the parties involved are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that the construction industry is able to keep up with the modern technology in order to improve the quality of the final product . The main difference between these cases is the acceptance of the people towards new additions In The first case , I assume that the people welcome the new ways to capture Carbon Dioxide .

In the second case , not many people know about BIM and some of them may not like the idea . After the Highlands Tower incident , I believe that people are now afraid of staying near slopes . 2) The construction industry is not free of challenges and difficult issues . One of the challenges is the shortage of labour . The trend of the construction labour has declined over the past few years .

When this happens , the cost of hiring labours and buying construction materials is expected to rise by 2018 , putting employers in a difficult situation . Some employers are forced to buy cheap building materials , which threatens the safety of the building . This situation has improved by upgrading their knowledge of construction sector to keep up with the current trend .

In December 2017 , the GOP tax bill was passed to relief the burden on employers . (Todd Bryant , 2018 ) Besides that , it is found that designers tend to design the building in such a way that is not safe . They are afraid of liabilities if someone gets injured by the additional safety design .

They dare not take the risk to add extra safety features . Nowadays , this has changed in such a way that design build firms now take charge of the designing and building process . The government has introduced Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification to incorporate safety elements . (Scott Schneider , 2012) On the other hand , some large companies rely on construction firm to do the more dangerous jobs in the project so that they do not suffer the consequences of any mishap during the project . The firms themselves also divide out the work to smaller subcontractors. The big companies monitor the performance of the subcontractor to ensure that their work is up to standard .

In fact , one way to improve is to train the workers on safety during work . (Scott Schneider , 2012 ) 3) The building and construction project is usually handled by civil engineer . There are a few responsibilities and ethics which are important in this field . One of the ethics is to maintain good behaviour at work . An engineer must behave in such a way that will help to uphold trust and confidence in the acquisition procedure . Thirdly , engineer must not attempt to take advantage of other people of his or her own benefit for example workers .

Next , the engineer must honour the policy of the company and legislation plus avoid conflict of interest . (United Nations , 2006 ) . In the design and development in construction industry , the engineers will be working in a team . The main professional ethics are quality , experience , commitment .

Competency of the design team is the ability of the team to work effectively during a project . (Norizan, 2008) . Clients will trust the team if they are properly qualified .

Experienced design team are able to guide the clients, help them to understand the project better and forge teamwork for better information gathering .When there is something wrong with the project , they are able to solve the problem based on past experience . Commitment by engineers and design team is very important to gain the trust of the client in the future .

Involvement of the engineer’s team in the design is important to help the client gain understanding regarding the project . The quantity surveyor’s commitment in the advising of costs assists the clients to appreciate cost implications and realistically manage their briefing process . I do believe that the construction company play an important role in maintaining a country’s economy. Therefore , proper ethics and attitudes are required in this field .

The construction sector would be held respomsible for any loss of lives due to poor design and ethics . 4) In the construction sector , engineers have professional rights which is right of professional conscience , right of conscientious refusal and right of recognition . The main code of ethics include accepting projects that are suited for the engineer’s abilities and qualifications instead of making false promises to clients .

Engineer should not be biased toward any client or have racism thinking . Engineer must serve the client with integrity and commitment . Engineer must be honest and not withhold any information from the client . There are four forms of accountability for engineers . First is licensure . An engineer must obtain a professional license in order to work for a client . Those without license can work but they are limited to working under a fully-licensed manager . The second accountability is requirement .

To be a qualified engineer , we must go through at least 4 years of study in engineering school and in this case , civil engineering . We must pass the engineering board examinations too . Third is quality . Engineers, like all professionals, are required to follow procedures and precautions in order to produce quality building . Using cheap and choddy materials in building will land the company in trouble . The last accountability is ethics . An engineer can be charged if he or she is guilty or violating professional rules .

He or she can be charged if found guilty of withholding other engineer’s wrongdoings . (Anthony Fasano , 2017 ) I would like to give my opinion on the Highlands Tower incident . I believe the engineers who are in charged of building the Highlands Tower did not designed the building properly and may have used cheap materials to cut cost . One example is the hig walls around the tower .

It has low safety factor because of inappropriate materials used and it was constructed in a haphazard manner. This is in violation of the code of ethics which is honesty and integrity . 5) As a conclusion , no matter which profession we work in , we must constantly uphold good ethical behavior and professional behavior in order to gain the trust and the acceptance of the clients . Engineers , in particular are important to ensure the safety and welfare of the public especially in the construction sector ,where people’s lives are in their hands . Being an engineer is a big calling and a vocation , yet it comes with great responsibilities for the happiness of those around us .


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