1. What is H5N1? What is the concern about H5N1? What is a super virus?
H5N1 is a type of influenza virus that is highly infectious and caused a severe respiratory disease. A super virus is a virus that is particularly powerful or resistant to treatments and can adapt to previous ones or become immune to them.
2. What was the Spanish Flu? What were the symptoms? When did it take place?
Spanish Flu was an influenza virus that originated from bird flu, and the symptoms of the Spanish flu were having a sore throat and headache. The Spanish flu took place in March of the year 1918.
3. Where was the Spanish flu thought to have started? How was it thought to have spread?
The Spanish flu was perceived to have started in the United States. It was thought to have spread from the United States and transferred to the UK to help fight world war 1.
4. What environmental factors contributed to the Spanish Flu and its spread?
The Spanish Flu’s favored factors were prominent in country side and railroads as far as spreading goes.

5. What was the toll of the Spanish flu? What effects did it have?
The Spanish Flu killed lots of people and it killed them without warning and fast. It affected everyone because it spread insanely fast and it had no cure.

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6. What did the Spanish flu have in common with H5N1? What is different?

The Spanish Flu and H5N1 are similar because they both quickly spread and are lethal to humans. They are different because H5N1 originated from a bird strain of influenza.
7. How are scientists today using information from the Spanish flu? What did they discover?
Scientist are using information from the Spanish Flu today to help them understand how to treat and stop the flu from spreading quickly. Scientists found out that people who had been near the virus before were more immune to it than all the younger people who haven’t been around it to which were the ones who kept dying.

8. What did the study of the virus tell scientists about the possible start and spread of the disease?

The study of the virus told that this super virus was originally bird flu that adapted and mutated, so it could infect people. And it tells the scientists that the H5N1 virus mutated which turned it into a lethal virus through the mutation and adaption the virus to infect humans.

9. Why is it important for health scientists to study the Spanish Flu of 1918?

It is important for health scientists to study the Spanish Flu because they need to learn why and how it happened to stop similar diseases to stop the Spanish flu in the future.