1- Roald Amundsen Norwegian explorer was the first to reach the South Pole

1- Roald Amundsen Norwegian explorer was the first to reach the South Pole.
2- The total area of Antarctica is about 14 million square kilometers.
3- Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world.
4- Antarctica has the largest land covered with ice; about 90% of the world’s ice is concentrated here.
5- 99% of Antarctica is covered by ice.
6- Antarctica was discovered in 1820.
7- Antarctica is around 1.3 times bigger than Europe.
8- As Antarctica is in the southern hemisphere, all the season are opposite of north.
9- Antarctica is the windiest continent; in some part of the continent, winds can reach the speed of 320km/h.
10- Antarctica is driest, coldest and highest place on the planet.
11- The lowest temperature was recorded -89.6 degree Celsius at Vostok Station.
12- 14.5 degree Celsius is the highest temperature ever recorded on Antarctica.
13- To work in Antarctica it is necessary that your wisdom tooth and appendix is removed.
14- The average thickness of ice sheet is 2133 meters.
15- There are no flying insects in Antarctica due to the wind.
16- Antarctica is the only continent with no time zone.
17- No country owns Antarctica.
18- There are no permanent residents on Antarctica.
19- The ice sheet is about 20 million years old.
20- Lake Vostok is freshwater lake buried beneath the ice of Antarctica.
21- The highest point of Antarctica is the Vinson Massif at 4,987 meters.
22- There are no land mammals on Antarctica continent.
23- Antarctica has the flag of its own.
24- Since 1980, Antarctica is open to tourists.
25- Antarctica is the only place on the earth where the emperor penguins live.
26- If ice of Antarctica will melt then the level of oceans will increase by 60 meters.
27- The temporary population of Antarctica is about 4,000 people.
28- There are no polar bears on Antarctica.
29- The cleanest sea in the world is in Antarctica, the transparency of water allows you to see objects at a depth of 80 meters.
30- The fishes of Antarctica don’t have hemoglobin, their blood has another substance that acts as antifreeze.
31- There are rivers in the Antartica. The most famous is Onyx River, it flows for only 2 months of summers.
32- Emilio Marcos Palma was the first Argentinian man born on Antarctica, in 1978.
33- In Antarctica, you can go through all 24 time zones in a few seconds.
34- Lake Vostok was hidden from humanity for 14,000,000 years
35- Antarctica is the only continent on which there are no native species of ants.
36- 40 000 tourists visit Antarctica annually.
37- There are no countries in Antartica, it is governed by international Treaty.
38- In Antarctica there are no trees, there grows only 2 types of flowers- Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort.
39- Belgica Antarctica is the largest insect of Antarctica. It is only 2-6 mm long.
40- An Antarctic blue whale consumes about 4 million shrimp in one day
41- Along the coast of Antarctica, there are often found wrecked ships.
42- The largest ozone hole is above Antarctica.
43- The largest iceberg on the planet is located in the waters of Antarctica.
44- Since 1991, mining operations have been banned in Antarctica.
45- The continent has its own domain name and a unique telephone code.
46- 53 million years ago palm trees used to grow along the bank of Antarctica.
47- Metallica was the first band to perform on Antarctica.
48- In Antartica, there is a fire station and there is a staff work on it.
49- There are 1150 different species of fungi grow in Antarctica.
50- A military installation, nuclear power plant installation, mining is strictly prohibited.
51- In the ice of Antarctica, new bacteria unknown to modern science were discovered.
52- The world’s oldest sperm was discovered. Fossilized spermatozoa preserved within the secreted wall layers of a 50 million years old clitellate cocoon.
53- There are 300 lakes beneath Antarctica.
54- There were many abandon places in Antarctica but now it is a tourist attraction.
55- Some part of the continent did not receive any rainfall or snowfall for the last 2 million years.
56- 90% of meteorites come from Antarctica.
57- The Transantarctic Mountains is among the world’s longest mountain range. It divides the continent into east and west part.
58- There is a waterfall in Antarctica, the water fall here is blood red in color.
59- There are at least seven churches in Antarctica.
60- The largest ice shelf of Antarctica is Ross Ice Shelf.it covers the area of 197,000 square miles.
61- Mount Erebus is the southernmost active volcano on the planet, is in Antarctica.
62- On 1st December 1959, the first Antarctic treaty was signed by twelve countries. Forty-eight nations have signed it now.
63- There are total eight working research stations on the continent.
64- Felicity Aston was the first person to ski across Antarctica powered by human muscles. It took her 59 days to cover a distance of 1,744 kilometers.
65- The only warm-blooded animal that remains on Antarctica throughout the winter is male Emperor Penguin.
66- The largest iceberg broke away from Ross Ice Shelf in the year 2000. It was 270 km long and 40 km wide.
67- In Antarctica there is even a bar owned by Ukraine, it is the most southernmost bar in the world.
68- There are two active volcanoes on Antarctica.
69- Fossils of herbivorous dinosaurs were discovered on the continent.
If Antarctica was not covered with ice, then the height of the continent would be only 410 meters.