1. slurp liquids, a combination of sand, cleaning in

1.      Grader: Is a track machine with long a blade that does roadbed
operation and used in agriculture. The extensive blade that grader has assistance
to make a flat surface through the grading operation and help to spread and to
level the materials. In addition, graders are also could be used as snow
removing machine since it has normal wheel instead of crawler wheel.


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2.      Loader: is one of the most common equipment machine that used in
construction operation, waste management, and agriculture. Mainly it used to
load materials, but it could be also used to transport materials and to
excavate at or above truck level. 


3.      Vacuum trucks: is a type of truck that has a tank and a pump. Vacuum
trucks could be used to slurp liquids, a combination of sand, cleaning in
industries and municipalities, cleaning sewer pipes, and carrying materials to the
disposal site.




4.      Bulldozer: One of the most popular heavy and powerful truck that
often used in construction operation, military base, mining, and road building.
It also might be used transporting materials, clearing, ripping of rocks. Additionally,
there are several attachments that will increase the capacity and ability of
Bulldozer such as winches, blades, and hitches.



5.      Crawler Crane: is one of the machines that has several forms and
size and could be used for heavy lifting works and transporting material from a
place to another. besides Crawler Crane could move with the load on the hook
which makes it very useful machine in construction operation.


6.      Concrete Mix Truck: This truck has a drum that continues to rotate till
it arrived at the construction site. Inside the drum is fitted with a spiral
blade that supports to mix up the concrete. This truck is useful because it can
mix up the concrete and transport it at the same time. Besides, the concrete
pump could be attached to the truck to discharge the concrete out of the drum.


7.      Forklift: is a vehicle that used for heavy lifting works and
carrying materials over short distance around a construction site, factories,
storage yards. Forklift has also several forms and load capacity and could
carry objects at or above the truck level and it is also possible to add attachments
to it.


8.      Asphalt Distribution Trucks: is a truck that used for Tack coating
the highway surface elaboration
for paving and roadbed operation. As shown in the picture, the truck has a tank
and a spray bar with nozzles.


9.      Tunnel-Boring Machine: which is also known as TBM, it is one of the
most powerful and massive machines that used to make tunnels and make it
suitable for human use. This machine can bore anything and complete the work in
short time.


Equipment Mats: is used widely in a construction site, industries, and many
other projects to allow heavy trucks and equipment to work in unstable soil
condition. Moreover, it provides a safe work environment and keeps the trucks
and heavy equipment safe from damage.