1. specialised in the manufacture and distribution

1. Introduction


1. About “Spritzer Berhad”

Everyone knows Spritzer as Malaysia’s best selling natural mineral water. The company was founded on May 26, 1993 and headquarter is in Taiping (Malaysia). Meanwhile, the Company, Spritzer Berhad is an investment holding company listed in Bursa Malaysia, which have been specialised in the manufacture and distribution of bottled and non-carbonated flavoured water since the late 1980’s. The Company operates through three segments.

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The Manufacturing segment produces natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated and non-carbonated fruit flavoured drink, functional drink, toothbrushes, and packaging bottle. The Trading segment sells bottled water and other consumer goods. The Other segment focuses on investment and properties holding.

1.2. Purpose of launching the products

Health Energy Drinks are taking the business world by storm.

Nowadays young consumers are trending toward more health-conscious lifestyle, for example they are willing to spend on healthy drinks, supplements, organic foods and etc. Furthermore, with the overwhelming responds on Spritzer BonRica, we can know that there is demand on healthy drinks. Consequently, three drinks of new flavours with different benefit are introduced to meet the customers’ demand. Spritzer hopes that the introduction of the drinks will compete for a greater share in the market and at the same time it will capitalise on the growing consumer demand for more natural and healthy products.

1.3. New product – Spritzer BonRica II

Spritzer BonRica is product rebrand from Spritzer+Fibre. It is a healthy beverage that contains soluble dietary fibres for optimal intestinal functions with its prebiotics effect.

It also enhances calcium absorption for an increases bone mineral density. We have two flavours – Yogurt and Passion Fruit.

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