is important to match supply and demand to avoid being wasteful, having unhappy
customers, having idle workers, and/or losing money and opportunities.  If it is projected that supply will be less
than demand, the manager could make changes to the operational processes
by hiring more employees, scheduling additional existing workers during each
shift, and/or ordering more resources in order to increase production and meet
the higher demand of goods or services. 
If the manager believes supply will be greater than demand, he or she
could alter the standard process by cutting back on the hours that each
employee is scheduled, not scheduling as many workers per shift, and/or decreasing
the amount of resources ordered to meet the lower demand of goods or services.  In any situation, it is important that
managers confirm that as accurate forecasts for demand as possible are being
figured to ensure that a close estimate of employee hours are scheduled and
resources are ordered. 

Explain how chemical energy is formed from the conversion of light energy
during photosynthesis.
Light energy is converted into chemical energy by the pigments in the chloroplast. The energy of two photons of light is absorbed by chlorophyll molecules.
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2) Relate the structure of a chloroplast to the phases of photosynthesis.
Chloroplasts are organelles found in plant cells. Chloroplasts capture light energy to conserve free energy in the form of ATP. The word chloroplast broken down is chloros, meaning green, and plast, meaning existence.

3) Analyze and evaluate the formation of organic carbon molecules in C? plants.
Some plants fix carbon dioxide into four carbon compounds instead of three carbon molecules. This helps maintain photosynthesis.

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4) Summarize the steps in the Calvin cycle.
– CO? binds with RuBP and is broken into 2 3C compounds (3-PGA).
– Next two ATP and one NADPH are used to phosphorylate 3PGA and convert it to G3P.
– Lastly one of the G3P compounds and 1 ATP form RuBP.

5) Diagram and explain electron transport.
The first step of electron transport is that 34 ATP are made from the products of 1 molecule of glucose. Next, the process is a movement of electrons from high energy to low energy that makes the proton gradient. Then, the proton gradient powers ATP production not the flow of electrons. Finally, this electron transport chain only occurs when oxygen is available.


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