PDE1 Ca2+/Callmodulin Stimulated/ cAMP, cGMP Cytoplasm, plasma membrane and lysosome   Heart, brain, lungs and smooth muscle cells Neuronal Signaling and sperm function PDE2 cAMP, cGMP Plasma membrane Adrenal gland, heart, lung, liver, platelets Adrenal gland function and memory PDE3 cAMP, cGMP      Plasma membrane Heart, lung, liver, platelets and adipose tissue Oocyte maturation and platelet aggregation.

PDE4 cAMP Plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondria and golgi Sertoli cells, kidney, brain, liver, lung and inflammatory cells Brain function,  macrophages activation and   fertility   PDE5 cGMP  Plasma membrane, ER and cytoplasm Lung, platelets and vascular smooth muscle Vascular smooth muscle contraction in penis and lungs PDE6 cGMP Golgi apparatus and centrosome Photoreceptors of rods and  cones Photoresponse signalling in the eye   PDE7 cAMP Golgi apparatus and centrosome   Kidney, brain, pancreas and T lymphocytes  Activation of inflammatory cells   PDE8 cAMP Mitochondria and cytoplasm Testes, eye, liver, brain and T lymphocytes  Leydig cell   function   PDE9 cGMP Cytoplasm and plasma membrane Kidney, liver, lung and brain NO and cGMP signaling in the brain   PDE10 cGMP, cAMP Plasma membrane and cytoplasm Testes and brain Learning and memory PDE11 cGMP       Plasma membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm Skeletal muscle, prostate and testes Sperm development and function   

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