It has to be different because United States represent a federation with a lot of territory, so there are different law enforcement agencies working together to maintain order on the whole territory, opposed to system seen in smaller countries where there’s one central agency split into different departments. Most important principles of American law enforcement lie on the cooperation of various departments established throughout the country. I’ve studied law, and like to research the internet in my free time, and I’ve never came across a system so well-organized as is the Law Enforcement system of our United States of America. There is a well written hierarchy which leaves no place for disorganization to take place. Everyone’s got their superior and just need to obey the rules and follow the commands. As a Law Enforcement Officer is gaining experience, he’s also progressing in rank, and using his experience and knowledge of the law to maintain order and educate officers in training. I can say that USA’s government is one of the most complex and well-organized systems humanity’s ever created. Also, the current system leaves almost no place for corruption. Corrupt individuals are immediately cut out from the system, and punished adequately. Also, US government allocates a lot of money for the law enforcement, so law enforcement agencies always have the newest pieces of modern law enforcement equipment. Also, a lot is allocated on training, and officers trained in USA are prepared for anything, and would rank themselves in the top place if compared to officers from around the world. USA got a liberal stand point on gun carriage and firearm licenses, so it’s officers must also always have firearms on themselves, opposed to some European countries where officers rarely have firearms, using mostly pepperspray or batons. USA is home to all kind of illegal activities, and without the system as it is, it would be a total chaos.