A administration. A departmental investigation ought to

A cost-benefit analysis must be made for all projects, allocation of the budget must be based on the different department’s requirements and the IT department must take opinions from Business department in using new and existing technologies.

The executive staff most of the time would not know about issues and these issues might be by the bleeding edge workers, one of the key cutting edge business staff ought to be distinguished and influencing him to account administrator with the goal that they could answer to the higher administration. A departmental investigation ought to be done while actualizing any new tasks, this approach will help in growing the business and fulfilling Stan’s auditing needs. IT and business departments should work closely and there should be a centralized system for all departments to communicate and share information.Information Technology is really important for business development and Fred VP of Manufacturing should understand this, necessary funding should be provided to IT and IT also should understand the business needs. There should be held training session for employees in the process to achieve effective communication and its benefits in business development. Funding the departments and taking suggestions from them will help in implementing the two new strategies.

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