A portrayed to not work hard enough

A diluted perspective of reality comes from being lazy and having lofty dreams. People are portrayed to not work hard enough to achieve their long-term goals throughout the story. Beginning with Lennie and George wanting have a “little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs” (Steinbeck 18) , they must collect enough money to purchase the farm. Yet, they show no effort to achieve this dream of theirs, spending all their money on women and beer, not saving any for the plot of land. They say that reality is crooked yet it is just them. All dreams are achievable with enough work. By being over ambitious, one forgets where they are in the present because they are so set on their future.

Living in the present and being humble for what you have are essential for having a good future. Crooks sees many men having dreams to buy a farm, but none of them ever do. Since people are so focussed on what they want in the future, they are not cognizant of what they need to get before hand.

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Not adapting along the path that one has chosen leads to failure.Whatever you do, it will never be perfect the first time. Not being able to adapt according to the problems you face during the quest causes one to fail. Lennie not being able to learn from the events in Weed, lead to his death in the brush. In a game of horseshoes, the horseshoe spins in many directions until it hits the peg, similarly, life takes you in different directions until you find your calling. There are always a strokes of luck during quests, but in the end, persistence is the biggest factor to whether you succeed or not. To achieve any goal in life, one must resist the temptations on their path to success.Temptations derail one from their goals.

Everyone has their own temptations, it only matters what they do with them. By restraining from temptation, one will be more efficient and out of trouble as they achieve their goals. Having self-control illuminates that one is an adult. Lennie, still acts like a kid so he has no restrain on his temptations. On George’s quest for freedom, he makes the mistake of staying on the ranch even with such a temptation as Curley’s wife instead of going to a different one like Lennie insisted on. Because of this, Lennie falls for the temptation and kills Curley’s wife with brute strength which he can’t control leading to the destruction of George’s dreams.