A nano-sized grain size of the sample is

A Mesoporous Nano-Sized Spinel Cobalt Ferrite as an Active Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionSanjeev P.

Dalawai, Bingyue Li, Shengnan Li, Yinxia Xu, Liangyu Tong, Dandan Liu, Shuang Zhao, Ruimin Xing, Shanhu Liu*College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Henan University, Kaifeng 475001, P.R. China*Corresponding author email: [email protected], Ph.No: +8615226060330The improvement of highly active, cost-effective and long-lived electrocatalyst is essential for the understanding the usefulness of hydrogen evolution/production.

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A mesoporous spinel Co ferrite (SCF) electrocatalyst was designed by using the oxalate co-precipitation method and step by step drop casting method. X-ray diffraction pattern of spinel Cobalt ferrite (JCPDS 22-1086, space group: Fd-3ms), a = 8.365Å), FT-IR spectrum of SCF exhibits octahedral and tetrahedral sites, a nano-sized grain size of the sample is formed from SEM, specific surface area, pore size distribution, and elemental analysis were performed from BET and EDX. A mesoporous SCF exhibits active electrocatalyst with 240mV overpotential at current density of 10 mA cm-2 and 60 mV dec-1 Tafel slope and show strong durability (tasted for 10h, 97.

3%) in 1 M KOH electrolyte for HER compared to cobalt ferrite (356 mV) 1 and cobalt ferrite based graphene nanocomposites 2. However, the HER LSV data was corrected with iR-compensation, the SCF shows 205mV at 10mAcm-2 in Fig. a). SCF shows high active sites, enhanced surface phenomenon and slow kinetic energy capabilities are driven from these sample, so spinel cobalt ferrite sample is best electrocatalyst for HER.