A series of lectures she delivered at

A Room of One’s Own is the title of Virginia Woolf’s extended essay. This long essay is a key work of feminist literary criticism. It deals with Woolf’s famous argument which is a woman must have a room of own and be financially independent in order to write fiction. Woolf argues that as long as women are barred from attending universities or colleges and are expected to marry soon and spend their time in housekeeping and childrearing, the literature will be considered as a male construct.

This work has been repeatedly reviewed, analyzed, critiqued since its publication 1929 and still is debatable in 2018Virginia Woolf wrote this essay based on series of lectures she delivered at two women College : Newnham College and Giron College , she had in purpose of making Women aware of their Rights in the society. She focuses on the issue of financial independence that was rare in that time and women were allowed to do jobs which were considered as suitable for them, such as housekeeping , coocking, sewing, working as servant,etc.These ”suitable” jobs did not need any educational skills. Thus, the most universities and studynig in ecery mageres such as Engineering were not open to women. In such a patriarchal system i.

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e. a society in which the most important Position in gorenment were occupied by men, they were allowed to study in every university all around the world, they had the voting rights Virginia Woolf as a female Writer wrote an essay and encouraged other women to be independent and educated. She talked about breaking the Victorian rules and traditions while the suffragette movement had won recently in that time.

As mentioned above, A Room of One’s Own is among one of the most famous works of feminism. However, at the time when Virginia Woolf was writing this essay, the feminism meant to gain the right of vote by popular definition. Considering the fact that in that time the common perception was that feminism is all about suffrage for women, which aspects of feminism did Virginia Woolf talk about in A Room of One’s Own? This essay will discuss the equal opportunities to write fiction which is the thesis of Woolf’s essay as well.