A Critical to Quality (CTQ) at that

A Standard operating procedure is an approach and system record which portrays the general repeating exercises proper to quality tasks. On the off chance that it is Critical to Quality (CTQ) at that point it is a possibility for a standard working system. Consistency is the objective or reason for a Standard operating procedure, to do all activities accurately and dependably in a similar way.Job analysis is one of the most important activities of human resource management. A regular or proactive job analysis practice help to identify factors that shape the employee’s motivations and job satisfaction.Job analysis was conceptualized by two of the founder of Industrial /Organizational psychology, Frederick Taylor and Lilian Moller Gilbreth in the early 20th century. Since then, experts have presented many different systems to accomplish job analysis that have become increasingly detailed over the decades. However, evidence shows that the root purpose of job analysis, understanding the behavioural requirements of work, has not changed in over 85 years.

Job analysis provides useful tools for those working in human resource management, human factors, and industrial and organizational psychology. Although job analysis has been with us since the dawn of scientific management, it still provides valuable guidance for those who wish to develop new programs or improve existing ones that enhance the contributions of people in the organizations.1.

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2. Problem statement of the studyEmployees don’t perform their duties according to their job descriptions and employee performance agreement. Reason being that the job description is so outdated.

Every day when employee come to work, they perform different duties. New task has been allocated to the employees and that lit to more stress for employees as they wake up everyday to go to work but not knowing what is expected of them.1.

3. Aim of the studyTo use job analysis technique as a tool to compile job descriptions and use the information written on the job description to set a standard operating procedure for employees. Ensure that all employees perform the job that are align with Manitou Southern Africa goals.1.4. Justification of the studyJob analysis plays a more important role in shaping human resource strategies in organizations where human resources management is viewed as a fundamental part of corporate planning and strategic decision making. The job analysis helps to pinpoint the potential drawbacks of the organizations and provide information of job-related that can help managers to understand the workflow.1.

5. The significance of the studyThis study is significant to the field of Human Resource Management. from a scientific management perspective, the study is integrated to read or understand the behaviour requirement of work.

Job analysis cover a host of activities, all of which are directed towards discovering, understanding, and describing what people do at work. JA is so important because they form the basis for the solution of virtually every human resources problem. Standard operating procedure. Standard operating procedure give a description of who does what and when.

A SOP portrays connections and control measures. It characterizes the jobs and obligations to enable labourers to know their obligations Averting process mistakes is the primary explanations behind composition strategies. Technique or work guidance go about as controls or countermeasure for recognized dangers that can make imperfections, wounds, or non-conformances. The standard working systems shield procedures from deformities and consistently prompts less remedial activities.1.6.

Research questions• What is the main purpose of performing the job?• Describe the main duties and responsibilities?• What is the fitness for the job into the structure of the organization?• What are the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job given?• Which tools and equipment needed to effectively perform the job?• What is the relationship between organization performance and job descriptions?1.7. Research Objectives• To define the purpose of the job.• Determine the main duties and responsibilities.• To define the fitness of the job into the structure of the organization.• Define the knowledge, skills and ability required to perform /carry out the job.

• To list tools and equipment needed.• Define the level of accountability.• To examine the relationship between organisation performance and job descriptions.

1.8. Limitations of the studyEven this research has achieved its aim, there were some uncontrollable and unavoidable limitations.The following setbacks were faced during this study:Some of the respondents were unavailable for interviews reason being that their where so busy held up by their duties and some were not available they when to for agent business trip.

Time limitStudy ran only 3 days each week in 4 months. That not enough for the researcher to observe all Manitou Southern Africa Aftermarket employees.it would be better if it was done in longer time.Research is conducted only in Aftermarket department, therefore further research need to be extended to other departments.Illiterate participants.

Even though the researcher before distributing the questionnaire, she explains its purpose and went through all the questions with them. Those participants that don’t know how to read and write they asked their colleague to assist them with completing the questions. colleagues they tend to answer the question according to their own experience. This make the questionnaire biased because some of the participants completed more than one questionnaires while some didn’t even participate in questionnaire. Trust issue During interview most of the participants didn’t want to take part as they felt that it’s a way for management to find excuses of firing them.

They don’t trust the researcher as they thought she is there to spy on them, they felt unease around her and when she was busy observing their work they thought she is here to see who doesn’t do the work. If management full introduced the researcher and explain to the employees that she is here to study the work and not individuals.Limited access to employeesBefore entering workshop, researcher must be granted permission by workshop manager, she should wear safety equipment and given access card. But due to the fact that workshop uses strong chemicals like paints to spray machines. Researcher was denied access reason being it’s for her own health and safety. Researcher used lunch and tea times to talk with employees.

she didn’t have a chance to observe them.Chapter 2