A winter morning is a cold morning of the winter season

A winter morning is a cold morning of the winter season. Sometimes, it dews. The environment is dull and dismal. It is covered with mist and fog. Of the six seasons, the winter is undoubtedly the coldest season in Bangladesh. There remains dense fog all around in winter. Sometimes, the fog is so dense that the sun rays cannot get through it. Everything looks hazy. One can hardly see and identify things at a distance. Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climates, between autumn and spring. A winter morning is dark, cold, calm and misty. It is refreshing and pleasant with low temperature. Winter morning has its own impact. It is cooler than other season’s morning. Temperature is least of the day’s temperature. As a result, the communication system is disrupted. And it causes much hardship to the people. Sometimes, cold waves blow throughout the country. The sun having risen, the old and the children enjoy basking in the sun to get rid of cold. The dewdrops fell on the grass and the leaves sparkle like pearls in the rays of the morning sun. This scene makes the earth look glamorous. But a winter morning becomes enjoyable when we are entertained with various items of delicious food such as various cakes. Paes is also prepared with date-juice, and various delicious curries prepared with fishes. The date juice sellers become busy for selling date juice from door to door. People from all walks of life, specially the villagers enjoy eating native cakes which are called ‘Pithas’ in Bangla. The scene of a winter morning is very transitory. This Scene starts disappearing as the day advances. When the sun rises, dew drops sparkle like pearls. Old people and children shiver in cold. Poor people gather straw and make fire to bask in the heat. Animals are helpless also during the winter morning. They hide themselves in the corner of the house and try to save themselves from the biting cold outside. People get up late in the winter morning. There is no sound of chirping birds. Streets look deserted. Every object is covered with dew. Due to darkness nothing is visible. The fog which falls makes the surrounding invisible to see. People prefer to get up late. They do not feel like moving out of their warm and cozy bed. The morning air is pure and fresh and more beneficial than the air of any summer morning. Winter morning is a curse for old and poor people and they are obedient to bask in the sun in this morning. A winter morning presents us different sights of including basking, getting sunlight to warm body and what not. Village children hardly have warm clothes. So they make fire with straw, sit around and enjoy the heat. Apart from this, a winter morning presents us sweet, juice of the date, fresh vegetables and fresh natural foods. People who have morning work get up early in the morning, as they are interested to enjoy morning best on the bed in the lap of warm cloths and wrapper. Really the diversity that we observe in the winter morning sometimes stirs us or sometimes elates us. Every object of the nature shines with a fresh look. Mist disappears slowly. The nature is at its best. Winter is my favorite season and so the morning is also very special to me. It is very refreshing to start a day with a winter morning walk. The touch of the sun-rays make the birds and beasts happy. Farmers start going to the fields to begin their day’s work. With the advancing sun, mist and fog disappear and the people shirk off the feeling of cold to set about their daily duties. Those who are government and non-government employees have to get early in the morning. They ignoring all the sufferings of bitter cold. Take preparation, and start for their respective work-places. In a winter morning, people go through different experiences according to their economic background. Those who are poor cannot afford warm cloths and so suffer from the bitter cold. But the rich people enjoy sleep or staying under warm blanket. So, to the poor the sun-ray becomes more precious than gold.