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According to Bateman and Snell (2013), Marc a substitute is a potential threat and a complement could be a good business opportunity. I agree and disagree with Marc. Having another gym in the area could be a possible substitute for potential clientele. For Marc to have a chance he could offer cheaper prices for people who consider his gym over the competitor.

If not cheaper prices, then he should have supplementary and improved equipment in his gym to attract customers. I believe that having those other businesses in the area Marc wants to put his gym will benefit him which would become a complement. Every business in the area could be a probable complement. The video game store and the golf range for instance, he could offer classes to gamers and golfers. If a gamer or golfer can improve their posture, reflexes, and stamina they could feel healthier and can do better when it comes to gaming and golfing.

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When it comes to fast food restaurants and sports bars, people can have a full meal, feeling bloated, look out the window and sees Marc’s gym. They see his gym and think to themselves I need to get back into shape and stop eating this junk. Marc could go to the local sporting goods store near him and ask to have a stack of his cards at the checkout, so people can see them. If people, then go to his gym then he could offer them a discount for bringing in his card. The bowling alley would be a great place for advertising.

They could put his logo on the brackets on the lanes, above the lanes and throughout the business to attract customers for Marc.