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According to (David, 2010), there are strategies that allow a firm to gain a competitive advantage/s. The case shows that Airbnb has demonstrated its competitive advantage in the hospitality business through its growth and profitability in the sharing economy market. While its competitors continue to compete in the traditional hotel business. Airbnb differentiates itself by providing a platform where a homeowner/hosts to have their room/space rented and for travelers/tourist looking for affordable room avail it.

Availing the room provides its customers a unique experience and home feel which is different offered by hotels.Airbnb’s growth has shown that their business model provides demand and supply to a different market. It has enabled homeowners a way to earn revenue while providing alternative accommodation that is lower priced compared to regular/deluxe rooms offered by competing hotels. Airbnb’s strategy offers differentiation as they offer an alternative to the traditional business model as they do not compete directly.

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At the same time offers a strategy of cost leadership as it helps to offer to customers cheaper and affordable option compared to traditional hotels with the use of its Airbnb platform. And as more host/traveler continue its platform, it continues to connect Millions of people giving it a competitive advantage over its bigger brick and mortar competitors using technology.

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According to (Shinn, 2011), the influential individuals of tomorrow are leaders who would be able to cross borders and set punishments for his or her teams and explore the cultural differences within global. Consequently, influential individuals have to educate themselves on the best technique to build a great relationship with their subordinates, supervision and other persons within the organization and also build and lead a good team of different cultural backgrounds. It was also indicated by some researchers that the advances in technology and changes in the demographics would most likely generate new challenges for leaders who must succeed or manage in a diverse organization which would affect globalization.The challenge of cross-cultural leadership can be difficult in the world because of its diverse workforce.

Different national cultures can play an important role in the success of effective leadership within international organizations. The businesses are challenged by the cross-cultural leadership styles and needs to address the increasing culture changes. One of the main challenges is finding out what leadership means to the team that you are leading perhaps it means motivating and guiding the individuals to meet their goals and the goals of the organizations or does it mean to help the department overcomes some barriers they may gave with each other. For instance, an individual goal may be to learn a different role within the department or to increase their target sales, it could so be to try something new about a different culture. The cross-cultural should not destroy how a person leads or rules his or her subordinates to achieve the successfully achieve the goals of the organization.Another challenge of cross-cultural leadership may be the way how leaders communicate to their subordinates is different. An example is a leader from Barbados usually has a different leadership style then someone from Trinidad or St. lucia.

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A leader from Barbados would point out the errors you made by stating them to you directly; yet, someone from Trinidad or St. Lucia tends to make an example out of your work within meetings. Which is not a bad thing but sometimes its best if the leader says it to your face first and then may be say it in the group about what not to do. According to (service and white, 2012), Today’s international businesses needs influential individuals who are good at adapting to cross-culture surroundings quickly, and can successfully work with associates while leading employees of other cultures to achieve the goals of the organization.

In conclusion, I believe that the international challenges transpire when there is a lack of leadership skills and knowledge in relations to individuals with an organization who is from a different cultural background. We as leaders are not familiar with how to treat these individuals and what they are accustom too and what conditions to make the transitions as smooth as possible for our employees.


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