Alcohol, caffeine in coffee, and nicotine in tobacco are most widely psychoactive substances in the world. People nowadays become addicted to that kind of drugs. These substances exert a considerable influence on the cardiovascular system and behavioral mood state. Know to mankind for several centuries, alcohol nicotine and caffeine have become an important part of culture. Today, alcohol and nicotine are public health problems because of their association with physical and nicotine are public health problems because of their association with phtsical ailments such as cirrhosis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Of these three substances. Only alcohol causes clear neuropsychiatrie sequalae.

Nicotine and alcohol are often consumed concurrently. When consumed alone theu produce significant subjective and cardiovascular responses, but nicotine attenuates the sedating and intoxicating effects of alcohol and additive subjective and cardiovascular effects generally observed when two drugs are consumed together. Caffeine consumption is widespread among young students. Caffeine has been associated with increases in several cardiovascular disease risk factor such as higer blood pressure, an acute effects of coffee. A combination of nicotine and caffeine generally produces additive subjective and cardiovascular effects. A significant association between nicotine and caffeine has been addicted in subjective measures and responses.

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