ALEXA language in written or spoken form,

ALEXA SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOR SHOPFLOORAdvaith KamathJude D’silvaNoble KolarikkalSanket PatilDepartment of Computer Engineering,Fr.


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T, VashiAbstract—Digital assistants, which are automated softwareapplications or platforms that assist the human user throughunderstanding natural language in written or spoken form, arerapidly gaining traction in consumer and enterprise marketsalike. The consumer and enterprise use cases for virtual digitalassistants are proliferating rapidly thanks to accelerated innova-tion and scalability of underlying technologies, such as naturallanguage processing and artificial intelligence. The Rave GearsDigital Assistant will be deployed over the Amazon Alexa and willbe capable of answering questions which any human assistantcan answer, after scanning and processing a large amount ofdata, within a few seconds. Thus, this project aims to createand deploy an A.

I assistant for our client, Rave Gears PrivateLimited, which shall let them to use their data in a much moreeasier manner. This shall be achieved by training the Alexa toprocess the human language questions asked to it and directingthe question to the appropriate algorithms in order to providethe appropriate output.I.

I NTRODUCTIONRave Gears and Machiningprovides high quality, preci-sion CNC machining, prototyping, reverse engineering, andsupply of gears and gear shafts with shared customer focuson meetingdeliverycommitments throughtransparencyandtrust.There are many orders comprising of many jobs present inthe manufacturing unit or the shop floor of the company. Alot of information is present, which is very relevant to thesupervisors and the managers. This project is undertaken withthe aim of providing a more efficient solution for retrievingthe information in an elegant and efficient manner for themanufacturing unit supervisors or shop floor managers to use.Currently Rave Gears Pvt. Ltd.

uses an enterprise managementsoftware called E2. This is a bit complex software that requiresa great deal of effort by the staff to access and analyze relevantdata in a short amount of time. This is because all informationis scattered or fragmented across the entire system. So, toaccess a particular information, a user has to go throughdifferent channels making the process time consuming. Theessence of the project is to construct and deploy a softwarewith the ability to converse naturally with the employees. Thisshall make accessing information quite straightforward. Thisca be achieved by the device called the Amazon echo dot.An intuitive voice service powers the echo dot, called Alexa.

Alexa has to be programmed so as to act as an assistant to theshop floor manager of the company. The goal is that Alexamust answer all the relevant questions put forth by the shopfloor manager. These include a large set of questions related tovarious categories like- Job Deadlines, Customers Information,Pending Orders, Jobs On Hold, Jobs Logged Onto, Jobs DueNext Week,These are just some of the categories that are present andhave questions associated with them.

It also provides answersto the current status, progress and estimated time of completionof a job. For this purpose, multiple intents shall be definedand various statements/ questions will be trained to distinguishbetween these intents. This training shall ensure that the intentof a certain question can be successfully recognized andfurther processing can be facilitated. The intents are recognizedby finding keywords in the said question. The reply to anyquestion can be pre-determined and all relevant data from thedatabase is saved in slots. These slots are used in a sentencethat is a direct reply to a question. Any training carried outleads to the development of a skill on the Amazon platform.This training is carried out by using the Amazon web servicesand Alexa skill development tools which provide the platformfor developing a skill.

An interactive model is built online.This model is then linked to the database containing all therelevant information. No skill can be completely developedwithout testing it. Platforms like Echosim provide an efficienttesting mechanism for any skill. But the physical echo dotdevice can be considered to be the best platform for testing askill.

II.L ITERATURE S URVEYCurrently Rave Gears Pvt. Ltd. uses an enterprise manage-ment software called E2. E2 is an Enterprise Resource Plan-ning System provided by Shoptech that is specially modifiedfor various companies.

Rave Gears and Machiningprovideshigh quality, precision CNC machining, prototyping, reverseengineering, and supply of gears and gear shafts. As a resultE2 has been modified to suit the needs and provide efficiencyto the business procedures of Rave Gears Pvt. Ltd. A teamof consultants is always available for implementing any newfeature or utility required by the client company.E2 is capable of handling a lot of complex operations (forRave Gears Pvt. Ltd.) likeA.

Data CollectionStoring data regarding all the jobs, orders, customers,raw materials, deadlines and any notes that further provideinformation.B. Quality ControlIt ensures that all products undergo quality inspectionbefore being dispatched. Various tests that are required forany special product are also mentioned and are to be carriedout.C. ShippingAll shipping records regarding every product is stored afterthe product is dispatched.D. AccountingAll finances and company account transactions are storedin the system.

This is also used for generation of invoice.This basically includes all client payments and payments toall vendors.E2 is a very secure and closed system granting accessonly on machines that are licensed to utilize it. One cannotremotely access the E2 system even by using a Virtual ProxyNetwork.

This makes the system inaccessible from outside theassigned work stations and makes the working environmentmore secure. There is a slight drawback in this E2 system.Although confidentiality and integrity of data is adequatelyprovided, the availability of relevant information is an issue.

This is a system which comes with a bit complex UserInterface that requires a great deal of effort by the staff toaccess and analyze relevant data in a short amount of time. Thisis because all information is scattered or fragmented across theentire system. So, to access a particular information, a userhas to go through different channels making the process timeconsuming.III.P ROPOSED S YSTEMAlexa is Amazons voice control system.

It lets you speakyour wishes and see them fulfilledat least simple ones, likedimming your lights or playing music tracks. It turns the Echo,Dot, and Tap streaming audio players into de facto smart- homehubs and Internet assistants. And its what turned Echo into notjust one of this years biggest tech products, but possibly thebiggest news so far for those interested in smart-home control.A companion app is available from the Apple App Store,Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. The app can be usedby owners of Alexa-enabled devices to install skills, controlmusic, manage alarms, and view shopping lists. It also allowsusers to review the recognized text on the app screen and tosend feedback to Amazon concerning whether the recognitionwas good or bad. A web interface is also available to set-upcompatible devices (e.g.

, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, AmazonEcho Show). Thanks to the Echos far-field microphones, Alexacan respond to voice commands from almost anywhere withinearshot. And theres no activation button to press. Simply saythe trigger word (either Alexa, Echo, Amazon, or Computer.)followed by what you want to happen, and it will be done.

Thisdepends on the skill that is being used. Alexa Skill: The Alexaskill is a product being developed by any developer that can bedeployed on the Alexa platform, so as to perform those skillsand provide additional functionality and third-party integration.Amazon allows developers to build and publish skills forAlexa using the Alexa Skills Kit. These skills are third-partydeveloped voice experiences that add to the capabilities ofany Alexa-enabled device (such as the Echo). These skills areavailable for free download using the Alexa app.

Skills arecontinuously being added to increase the capabilities availableto the user. A quot;Smart Home Skill APIquot; is available.All of the code runs in the cloud nothing is on any user39;sdevice.

A developer can follow tutorials to learn how to quicklybuild voice experiences for their new and existing applications.We as a group are developing a skill that seamlessly integratesthe E2 system with a voice based assistant like Alexa to makecomplex query execution more easy and hassle-free. The Alexaskill would be able to interact with the shop floor user in aconversational nature. It would be able to understand andremember context of the statements made by the user. Theproposed system will act as an interface between naturallanguage and lower level querying language.

IV.S COPEThe scope of this project is to plan, design, build andimplement an artificial intelligence based digital assistant thatcan answer the manufacturing unit supervisors (of Rave GearsPrivate Limited) questions. This shall be developed on Ama-zons Alexa skills and voice services using the Alexa SDK. TheAlexa skill developed for this purpose shall have access to aPHP based API link that shall answer various questions basedon the intent and the provided parameters. Thus, the projectis limited to accessing the data and cannot update the data inany manner. Included in the scope are:1. Answering various questions regarding routing of man-ufactured parts.

2. Understanding the context of the questions asked basedon previously asked questions3. Providing a faster and more efficient management toolfor the manufacturing unitV.H ARDWARE A ND S OFTWARE R EQUIREMENTSHardware requirements are listed as below:1. Alexa supported device like the Echo, Echo dot,etc.2. A Smartphone with Alexa app installed.

3. A server to handle databases and requests.Software Requirements for development are :1.

NodeJS2. Alexa SDK for NodeJS3. PHP4. Python with various dependencies5. SQLVI.I MPLEMENTATIONIn order to implement the proposed system, the amazonAlexa has been interfaced with our database in order towork seamlessly with the data given by Rave Gears. Via theinteraction model and the lambda function, written in NodeJS,we can form an API link to our MySQL database. A PHP scriptthen analyses the request to return the appropriate answer.

Thelambda function once again comes into the picture so as toform a response and allows the echo to speak the answer.The Alexa voice assistant was constructed mainly to aid thecustomers of Amazons smart home systems. However, withthe willingness of Amazon to provide access to its DeveloperPortal to everyone, it is now possible to create custom skillswhich can work on all devices which support Alexa. A voicebased Digital assistant which can understand a managerscommand and retrieve relevant information without even aclick of a mouse button is a helpful tool in the right hands.Rave Gears shall benefit greatly from this custom skill thatcan understand intents and context and respond in a mannerthat can easily be understood by the users of the system. Thisproject shall help them to eliminate the cumbersome task ofreading through thousands of data entries made on their ERPsystem as they can simply ask Alexa to help them with theirqueries.A CKNOWLEDGMENTFirstly, we would like to thank our principal, Dr.

S.M Khot,for giving the opportunity and permission to undertake thisproject.We would like to thank Prof. Lata Ragha, Head of Com-puter Engineering Department, for lending her full coopera-tion, despite her busy schedule, for the successful deploymentof this project.

We are also indebted to Mrs. Smita Dange, coordinator ofComputer Engineering Department, for her endless inspirationand support.We take immense pleasure to thank our project internalguide Mrs. Sandhya Pati for her constant supervision as wellas for providing necessary information regarding our project.We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for herguidance and support throughout.We would like to appreciate the constant interest of ourexternal guide Mr.

Aditya Gupte in our project and providingtechnical knowledge about the project.We would also like to thank all the other staff and non-staffmembers of Computer Department for their help.R EFERENCES1234