Alexander called Alexander. The main focus of

Alexander the great was emperor of almost all of the ancient world around the 300’s BC.

We know alexander the great now days as probably the best empire builder in all histoy in history. Alexander was driven by a vision of global unity as modern as today. Alexander is seen in many roles in our culture.

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The most famous of these is being a great general and conqueror of the world, but the most important is the unity and hominoia During his short life, Alexander conquered the known world and helped spread the culture of the Greeks. Much of what he accomplished must be viewed in the circumstances of his time and his upbringing. Without these we would not have had the spread of Greek culture or even heard of the man called Alexander.

The main focus of alexander was to unite Greece and Mesopotamia. The story of alexander the great is inexorably bound up with that of his father, king Phillip II, and with his country, Macedonia. Phillip was a most remarkable and dominating figure in his own right; while Macedonia was the first large territorial state with an effectively centralized political military and administrative structure to come into being on the continent of Europe. Phillip had started the job of unifying the Before alexander was even born, his father had already started the unification of greece and Mesopotamia . his father was Philip II. Grece traditionaly was divided into greek city-states, this caused them to be divided . Philip forges the greek peoples into one people under one crown. But Philip had an opponent this was Demosthenes who was considered the greatest speaker in the world at that time.

Demosthenes tried to rally Athens and other city-statesto claim protests against Mesopotamia.