All of the process, decisions can be made before


                All the
real-time data should be transparent for decision making. When the process and data
are transparent, the faults can be found easily and rectified. It is possible
for the system to provide with notifications and alerts. It also helps the
customers to track their products and monitor the process.



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should be made before an issue or failure occur. Due to the transparency of the
process, decisions can be made before the fault. It also includes monitoring
the restocking, inventory, quality issues, maintenance and safety. The historic
data’s can also be used as benchmark for maintenance and prevent breakdown. This
helps in reducing the down time of machines.



                Due to
flexibility of the smart factory, scheduling of the operations and material
requirements are planned automatically and executed. Then the data are cross
checked with data of real time, and the system updates automatically. Advanced
smart factories should be capable to plan the requirements according to the
change of product. The best possible way should be selected by the system, so
that the setup time, scheduling time and changeover time can be optimized.


Process within a
smart factory


Additive manufacturing helps in producing rapid
prototype and low volume products.
Advanced scheduling and
planning reduces
waste and cycle time using real time inventory and production data.
Autonomous robots can be used in recurring
process which is repeated and again with high accuracy.
Digital twin can be used to integrate the
predictive analysis by digitalization of operation.


Augmented reality assists humans in picking and
positioning the articles.
Autonomous robots do all warehouse operations
with the help of artificial intelligence.


Sensors can be used to know the
real-time position of the raw material, their storage in warehouse, their
stock, current work status and tracking of finished products.
Analytics to reduce the inventory, to
monitor them and automatically order them when there is demand.