Although orthodox historians have deemed the Cold War “inevitable

Although orthodox historians have deemed the Cold War “inevitable,” as
seen above, the fact that orthodox subscribers have dubbed the conflict unavoidable ex post facto
may be regarded as a revisionist interpretation itself. It is astonishing that historians have begun
to muffle history by stating that the Cold War was inexorable when, in fact, it was avoidable.
The Cold War only truly became irrevocably imminent after the atomic bombings of the two
Japanese cities. The belief that souring of diplomatic relations between the emergent
superpowers was impossible to avoid is a fallacy.
While Szilard
contemplated weaponized fission he and German physicist Albert Einstein authored a couple of
letters to President Roosevelt confiding the developing gravity of the German nuclear situation.7
The Hungarian physicist would learn the destructive potential of Enrico Fermi’s discovery of
weaponized fission. The fear that the Nazis would acquire nuclear weapons would persist
through war’s close.8