Anti-discrimination a good role model. • We

Anti-discrimination practice purpose is to prevent from harmful effects of discrimination on children and young people and take actions against the discrimination in all ways. We shouldn’t be take in any kind of activities that could be realised as discriminatory or possibly rude to individuals and in groups. School must have the policies that gives us the supervision on anti-discriminatory practice. Anti-discriminatory practice can be promoting by • We should present our self as a good role model.

• We should encourage the children according to their abilities and promote diversity.• We should listen to the children care and involve with the children and young people to response their concerns. • We should realise that child is centre of learning and we should treat them individual.• We should have high expectations from all the children and young people.• We should have sense of shared purpose, values and beliefs.• We should recognise and ask the questions about the discrimination.• We should give them confidence and teach them how to behave if someone is behaving inappropriate

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