Apple’s basis of all innovation but Apple

Apple’s vision statement is rather detailed and its main focus areas are continuous innovation and product quality.

Due to the nature of the products that Apple makes, they keep striving for excellence. It also stresses upon Apple’s values like honesty, product excellence and deep collaboration. The vision statement also talks of its core beliefs like simplicity. Apple believes in doing meaningful work that really adds value to the company’s image. Apart from these things, it highlights the high standards Apple has set for itself. The vision statement explains the company’s focus and cause.

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Innovation is enshrined in the foundational values of the organisation and employees at all levels know and understand it. The statement shows what is most original about Apple and which is never going to change. It is here to deliver matchless performance and unequalled product quality. Technology is the basis of all innovation but Apple is not focused at just profits. It believes in contributing to the society in the right way. It works in areas where its contribution really generates value and operates only in the markets where its contribution holds significance. Apple has set high standards for itself and is focused on achieving them, gets clear from its vision statement.

Still, there are just two things mainly that it keeps talking about – technological innovation and values like simplicity and honesty. There is nothing about employees, a vague description of a social responsibility and little about the business, customers and markets. Apple’s vision statement is easy to communicate as it can be explained within five to ten minutes and appears to be a simple and memorable sentence. Apple’s vision is detailed and a detailed vision statement is beneficial to business because it helps guide employees. As for Apple, the detail included reflects the company’s approach in ensuring continued growth and success. It highlights keeping things simple which is also an integral part of Apple’s approach to product design and development.

It is feasible as Apple is considered one of the world’s leaders in this product market. The vision statement is not quite graphical, in that it does not depict what kind of organisation management intends to create, it appears to best striving towards health conscious market position. From a desirable viewpoint it does not indicate whether the direction makes good business sense and whether is in the long-term interests of all stakeholders.

It does not appear to be a once-and-for-all-time statement in that it offers flexibility. It can be adjusted as circumstance can dictate. It mentions innovation and this directly corresponds to Apple’s rapid innovation strategy. It reflects how Apple carefully selects its markets. Apple’s vision statement must direct business efforts toward a future of leadership in the global market. Apple’s vision statement is comprehensive and detailed enough to show the firm’s future direction.

It satisfies many of the conventional characteristics of ideal corporate vision statements. For example, Apple’s corporate vision is clear in terms of what the company aims for, such as leadership in product design and development, vertical integration, emphasis on innovation, and excellence as a business organisation. Also, the company’s vision statement is abstract, inspiring, and stable to encompass the future of the business. However, to improve this vision statement, it is recommended that Apple Inc. make it more concise. Instead of providing a detailed list of beliefs and values, the company can make its corporate vision more concise, to make it easier for employees to understand and apply in their daily work activities.

The resulting concise vision statement would be easier to integrate into more aspects of Apple Inc.’s business, including new operations in the future.