As through change initiatives for the best interests

As outlined above, we have so definite challenges to overcome as we establish business in these new countries. It is important to implement the values, behaviors, and expectations to our customers, employees, communities we are entering, and current and future stakeholders. To show Acme’s commitment to these groups that we will provide a fair and ethical work environment, we have provided guidance through our core values, expected behaviors, Acme’s commitment, and training plan. Core Values• Always act with integrity.• Show respect at all times for your customers, co-workers, and each other.

• Build trust through applying your ethical standards and honoring your commitments.• Communicate with honesty.• Utilize teamwork in everything you do.Expected Behaviors• Focus on your customers. Do the best job you can every day in quality, delivery, and value. • Service leadership. Think and act like a leader regardless of what your job is.

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All leaders demonstrate passion for their work and care about the people. Do not just identify the problem, but also find a solution. • Mentorship. Lead by example. Foster teamwork and diversity and assure all opinions are heard and valued. • Continuous improvement.

Encourage improvement through change initiatives for the best interests of customers, stakeholders, and the company.• Learning. Assess your own strengths and weaknesses and take action to improve yourself.Acme’s Commitments• Provide an environment that promotes ethical behavior.• Ensure the safety and health of the employees.

• Maintain an open door policy with the assurance of confidentiality. Identities of employees who come to management with any issue will not be disclosed without their permission.• Be loyal to all employees as valued persons and be ethical in all employer-employee relations.• Acme management will maintain integrity and fairness in workforce recruitment and hiring practices.• Committed to ensure treatment of personnel without discrimination, whether it is employment, compensation and benefits, assignment, transfer, promotion, training, disciplinary action, or termination.

Acme will not tolerate discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, ancestry, medical conditions, disability, or other areas of discrimination.• Acme will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and Code of Ethics regardless of the country.