ASSIGNMENT NO.1 AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED -KHALED HOSSEINIINTRODUCTION: “And the mountains echoed ” is a marvelous and splendid novel written by Khaled Hosseini . He is one of the most widely read and beloved novelists in the world , with over 38 million copies of books sold in more than seventy countries. THE KITE RUNNER was a major film and a book of the decade , chosen by THE TIMES , THE DAILY TELEGRAPH and THE GUARDIAN . He was born in Kabul , Afganistan and lives in northern California. ” Hosseini’s evocative tales don’t just capture hearts , they break them” – GLAMOUR The above given statement is voiced by Glamour , a women’s magazine by which it praised Hosseini and his works.MAIN CHARACTERS:Saboor – Father of Abdullah and PariParwana – step mother of Abdullah and PariMasooma – Parwana’s elder sisterNabi – Elder brother of Masooma and ParwanaMr.

Wahdati – Boss of Nabi Nila – Mrs.WahdatiSTORYLINE: Hosseini started the novel by mentioning his thanks and gratitude to his beloved people by saying ” This book is dedicated to Haris and Farah , both the noor of my eyes , and to my father who would have been proud ” He begins the story with the stars of the novel ABDULLAH and PARI .They both are siblings and among them Abdullah is elder . Abdullah and Pari had a great love for each other and their bonding amazed everyone in their Shadbagh village. And the actual story begins with their journey towards Kabul where their uncle Nabi had settled. The innocent children do know what is going to happen there and they happily enjoyed their journey. There they met Mr.

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and Mrs. Wahdati under whom their uncle Nabi worked as chauffer and driver for more than twenty years . They both cordially invites Saboor ,Abdullah and Pari. Mrs.

Wahdati had an idea of adopting Pari, since she doesn’t have a child . And from then on Abdullah and Pari were separated and they have been brought up in different scenario .Since Pari was young when they were separated , she didn’t able to recollect her past life in Shadbagh. And the remaining part of the story tells and describe how their life went after their separation and who are the characters they came across in their life and their influence over these two people’s life either directly or indirectly. And the climax of the novel lies in which scenario they both met and reconnected their relationship.UNIQUENESS: This novel is well structured and also it has its own way of narration .

This is not a simple novel as it revolve around the lives of more than eight people . And also the flow of the story was nowhere stumbled. The novelist played a keen role in having a smooth flow between each plots in this novel and their connections. And this novel stand ahead from other novels in the way the novelist expressed the feelings and emotions. With his narrating he was able to visualize the story in front of the eyes of the readers.

And the main aspect of uniqueness lies in which Hosseini did a great job in weaving each character and visualizing their lives. “A complex and delicately interwoven tale of nine different lives……There is an unearthly beauty in the tales” – FINANCIAL CHRONICLEFAVOURITE CHARACTER: The character which I loved most in this novel is Abdullah. The novelist sketched Abdullah’s character in a keen manner . Abdullah not only showed a brotherly caring upon Pari, more than that he showed a parental care towards her.

And this was well explained in the novel . When they were separated since Pari was a small girl she didn’t expressed much . But Abdullah can’t even bear their separation and he expressed in all the way he could .

But nothing worked out. He was brought again to Shadbagh. Even months past, her memories revolving around him and he could feel her cheerfulness filled their entire home. So finally he left his house . His love for Pari is boundless and endless and this was very well shown by naming her daughter Pari.

His love and care for her sister attracted me and this made me to love this character most .ONE LINE REVIEW: This novel is an exquisitely rendered study of familial bonds.CONCLUSION: “And The Mountains Echoed” is a wonderful novel which gives the real meaning of familial bonds. And Hosseini has spined his yawn in a splendid manner which kept the heart beat of the readers at hike in each and every page. And I could feel a great pleasure in reading this book. “The novel’s poignant , bitter- sweet coclusion will almost certainly bring tears to your eyes ” – DAILY EXPRESS