Being Arabia where people are always willing to help

born to a Muslim family I have always found that general perceptions about
Muslims are acting as a hindrance in the achievement of my objectives. My
parents have always advised me to understand the values and beliefs of Islam so
that it may become possible to defend my social and religious location. Quite
early in my childhood I started learning Holy Quran as per social practices
here in Saudi Arabia and now I am a grown up man who not only understands but
also practices/performs, as much as possible the duties and values of Islam. Islam
promotes brotherhood, justice and equality which can clearly be seen in the
social setup of Saudi Arabia where people are always willing to help one
another keeping in mind that they are believers of same religion and philosophy
of life. When I compare my society with rest of the world, I feel that I am
lucky enough to be born in this region but there are some laggings that are
needed to be overcome in order to make Saudi Arabia a more comfortable place to
live-in. Our society is quite rich in culture provided with the fact that it is
considered to be a Holy place by the Muslims belonging to all the parts of
world. People from different cultures and ethnicities visit our country with
the view to perform pilgrimage (Hajj/ Umrah) and because of this we get to
interact with one another and with the passage of time many positive aspects of
other cultures are becoming part of our culture and making it an even better
social locality.

must also state that our society is little bit rigid. As the rule of law and
justice is based on the principle of equality and punishments are same for all
the citizens no matter from which segment of society he / she belongs to. This
is a very positive aspect of my society that it treats everyone on the basis of
equality and there is no room for favoritism and bias. Subjectivity however is
involved in some aspects of life because Arabs do not feel that much
comfortable with non-Arabs and this is a very important factor that makes our
society little bit conservative when compare with the other developed parts of
the world. The climate is quite hot that is considered to be a significant
reason lying behind the attitude of Arabs towards life. Oil exports form a
major source of revenue for most of the population and it is also acting as
major determinant of Saudi-Arabia place in the world. Different countries try
to make alliance with Saudi Arabia only because of the fact that it is rich in
oil exports and therefore can serve to be very helpful in pursuit of their
economic stability. All these factors are playing their role in affecting the
life style and living standard of all the members of our society.

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feel that race and ethnicity are given much important in our society that is
totally against the teachings of Islam. In addition to this gender bias is also
quite common that is acting as a major hindrance in the way of economic
development because women are not provided with the required opportunities and
environment so that they can help in the betterment of economy and society. I
have also noticed that there is a dire need to create awareness regarding practicality
of Islamic teachings so that we may become able to practice Islam with proud
and present a society that can be treated to be the role model for the rest of
the world.