Blood Post” about how the government, army, and the

Blood plasma was a medical miracle  that saved thousands of wounded and sick soldiers during World War II.  On May 2, 1942,  Charles H.Ellis,JR., and Robert E.S Thompson wrote an article  “Your Blood Goes To War” in the “The Saturday Evening Post” about how the government, army, and the navy all came to together to collect blood to be processed and be converted to Blood plasma .In Blood plasma, there is only one kind of blood and our blood has two types. According to this article “YOUR BlOOD GOES TO WAR” Plasma was really beneficial to the soldiers after World War II.  Many hospitals used Blood Plasma to save lives to those who suffered various injuries , wounds, and diseases.       In the  1915’s, Dr.Richard Wells from New York mainly conserved the fresh blood which is assorted with the chemical sodium citrate.  Dr.Wells  mainly conserved fresh blood to mainly help the blood get transfused to the blood safely. According to  the Medical Journal, it said that “The Blood  used for   transfusion had been kept varying periods up to twenty-six days…”(Charles, pg.44) shows that many of the hospitals are keeping the blood safely to make sure that they can put the blood in the soldiers that were wounded in the war.  When they transfuse blood, there is an improvement in color and the pulse becomes much slower which can result in blood pressure increased by 20 to 40 points.  Although the doctors in the hospital called   Bryn Mawr drew the plasma from the raw blood on the upper part and the bottom remained the corpuscles.  Charles said that ” The Army and Navy have asked for 1,000,000 pints of blood. At the time of going to press, only about 200,000 had been contributed”(Charles, pg.43)  this shows that people have contributed to the war by donating blood to the army and navy which resulted in many lives saved.     Even though Plasma was the biggest discovery in World War II it had also have other benefits too.  In an isolated island in the North Atlantic coast, there was a soldier who was dying of pneumonia and which led to the doctors supplying lot’s of plasma to fight off the infection immediately.  Plasma was very beneficial because the doctors gave plasma right away in one transfusion which led to the patient recovering immediately. Meanwhile,  Blood plasma became popular because ” it enabled plasma to raise the  blood pressure  and fight infection, will have been preserved”(Charles, pg. 49) tells us that  plasma is  a magical way of treating wounded soldiers and sick soldiers  also  and it gives  tremendous force of proteins and  the antibodies which can  fight of wounds and infections.           In conclusion, plasma was a  huge discovery which contributed to the soldiers lives being saved and in the future, if  American soldiers are wounded then we can use plasma treatment on any injured soldier which can save many lives. If we find medical Plasma innovations then we can use that to treat wounded soldiers who had deeper wounds and help fight extreme diseases in the future.