Boxing as a sport surfaced at around 688BC when ancient Greeks made it an Oly`mpic game

Boxing as a sport surfaced at around 688BC when ancient Greeks made it an Oly`mpic game. But the success of the sport hasn’t come without controversy. Over the years boxing has produced many icons of the sport and iconic moments in history such as greats like Muhammed Ali and nights to remember like the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manilla. With this glory however has came a price, potentially devastating to the sporting world and the families of greats like Ali, who passed away on the 3rd of June 2016.

People over the world who believe that boxing should be banned would argue that the sport is violent and barbaric and should be viewed no differently than an organised physical assault. They would also argue that boxing resembles dueling which in modern day times would be incomprehensible to imagine as a normal legal occurrence in everyday life.

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However anyone involved in the sport knows that all fights are completely voluntary. No boxer is forced into a fight. Boxers are professional athletes that spend months in training camps with professional coaches in preparation for every fight in a sport which they enjoy and participate in watched by millions across the globe of their own free will.

Boxing critics would also argue that the sport portrays violence and the idea of earning a livelihood and building a legacy through physical aggression. This delivers a false message to children interested in the sport.

Although critics would argue this point boxing as a sport can give troubled youths a purpose and teach respect and self-discipline. With charities such as Punch-Up working with schools and communities to offer children an opportunity to get involved with the sport meaning from a young age children can learn to be disciplined,