Building the user, makes the process of onboarding them

Building websites in such a way that they could be viewed across a wide variety of conditions?—?different browsers, different screen sizes, etc.?—?without flying apart at the seams and showing up looking completely broken, seems to be the order of the day. But back in the days it came across as something mind blowing. Like in the 90s, the “best being viewed” tag on a website in one browser was seen as a plus. Yes, it is true. But times have evolved and thanks to technological seamlessness, we can now focus on things that really matter.The user. The apple of the eye. The prime consumer of the website and the only interaction your product literally needs. And this very vital position of the user, makes the process of onboarding them on to your website, smoothly and happily, so inevitable.Making sure the user is set up to accomplish exactly what they want to do quickly?—?and getting out of their way; that is user onboarding in a nutshell. Everyone online is looking to fulfill a need– be it booking tickets, ordering food, connecting with a friend or reading a book. Once a user recognises the impact of the product or service on offer on his or her life, the odds of them continuing to use that product increases immensely provided this realisation has to be quick and uninterrupted. With short attention spans, unless the user truly “gets it”, chances of them instantly discarding the website and look for a better solution are higher.People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves. That moment when the user realises how this product can actually change or enhance their life is the moment where you can win them forever. Any successful product aims to create that moment. And user onboarding is all about crafting the path that brings users to that moment. It is the experience between the first time a user signs-up until the point they say “this is it”.You clearly see the value in this journey, don’t you? Further on in our tri-part series we will discuss how to identify this moment and the do’s and don’ts while constructing your onboarding journey.