Bullying etc. I am sure every person

Bullying and scapegoating go hand in hand when speaking about our every day society.

By definition, bullying is someone who causes verbal, cyber or physical harm to another which is often repeated which turns into a bad habitual behavior. Bullying takes all forms which can be caused by differences of race, class, sex, and age, etc. I am sure every person at a certain age has experienced their type of bullying while growing up or have been a witness to the crime. In society, scapegoating is used to blame others for our own mistakes when something bad happens. We look for a victim to be blamed on because it is easier for people to accuse somebody else than to accept our own misfortunes. I know that growing up for me in an all white, suburban area was a bit difficult when I was the only Asian girl in the room. I remember the name calling of “chinky eyed girl” or “she only speaks ching chong” on a daily basis can really wear a little girl down. I just remember looking around the room and my other classmates just looked on to keep quiet or added on the laughter with the bullies.

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Nobody wants to get involved, was the first though that came to mind. We all are selfish at the end of the day and as kids in middle school, we are all trying to avoid any type of extra attention. The fear of disorderly balance of the classroom is why I think no one wanted to help me in my moments of need. Everyone wants to feel some type of inclusivity and if bullies are getting the reactions they want, they feel even more encouraged to continue.

I am the scapegoat of that classroom. Looking back, I wish I did not give the angry reactions to the bullies or even acknowledge them. As kids, we act in the moment without thinking and most of my childhood was trying to stay below the radar and not feel like I will eventually be targeted.