Cellphones to have car accidents or any injuring they

are the most irritating thing a person can have as their own risk. Many people
around the world use it as a drug and an addiction because they feel like they
have more freedom and addiction. However, students get insulted and blamed for
their failure in education and not passing a course due to the use of
cellphones which is a waste of a time for every student, this is not only
students but staff too. As a matter of fact, cellphones can be a risk for
students at any age and it makes the student to have car accidents or any
injuring they can face in their lives. People get serious sickness and many
headaches also cancer du to the fact of like cellphones because they get so

Firstly, cellphones are very high heated by some type
of technology which makes the cellphone have bad risk against the person using
it. In the article it is stated that “about 3 to 4 times car accidents happen
around the world because of the cellphones”. (Naeem, 2014). People waste a lot
of time and their money on sending unnecessary SMS to others so parents are not
aware of their child’s activities of their children. Education comes first in
all field and must be require for having a better knowledge in the future, not
cellphones. It was also stated in the article that “about 144 minutes a day
Canadians using cellphone during class work, also cellphones have become the
most annoying technology on earth” (Borreli, 2014). The irritation of cellphone
can happen when more people are talking face to face which can have like
negative feelings towards each other. Cellphones can also give cancer because
once a person uses more the heat of cellphone can affect the person’s health
and awareness. Sickness and many diseases can happen

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Secondly, many countries have banned the use of
cellphones while driving and schools because people generally don’t pay
attention to what they are doing, and they get focused on the cellphone since
the brain doesn’t work properly. Students get suspended or get detention by
teachers for cheating and finding answers for a test, students get obsessed by
cellphones. For instance, in the article it was said that “if a phone rings
during a meeting than it will disturb everyone around, sometimes the person forgets
what they were saying” (Solway, 2010). Hacking can happen at any time like
spying too, however, there are some people that can spy on another person of
what he/she is doing or typing on the phone. Also, people go on wrong websites
such as celebrity websites or any pornography websites which can cause viruses
and can damage the cellphone very fast, this will affect the person to waste
his time fixing the damage cellphone and not focusing on his necessary work and
his/her time. So, when the person goes on useless website it will make the
brain not develop properly.

Thirdly, the kids get excited to receive sexual messages
or information using mobile phones. An author stated in the article that “cellphones
can significantly influence the child’s social and its psychological
development” (Want, 2006). It is the parent’s duty to look after their kids for
what they are doing according to the use of cellphone and social media. Many
students use cellphones for just entertainment, and if someone walk pass by
them, then students will suddenly change the screen because they are afraid
that they will be in trouble, this even happens at home. Parents need to think
before they buy their kids cellphones because it has a lot of consequences and effects
for the use of cellphones.

In conclusion, people see their cellphones after they
wake up. However, there are so many negative effects of cellphones. The
cellphones became so important to the kids’ lives.  I do believe that we can reduce the risk of
avoiding the use of cellphones and we can take it in a positive way and use it
very less. Students should pay more attention to their education because it
very important for their future and life. While driving, people should never
use cellphones because of safety issues and anyone can come across accidents
that can lead to deaths and injuries. Personal care is important, in fact, if
we treat cellphones in a healthy positive way in a good learning environment
than the world would be different.