CHAPTER traveling. This gadget is a entire

CHAPTER EIGHTCONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK8.1CONCLUSIONThe device structure and algorithms used in each stage are developed to collect high accuracy and user-friendly. The system enables humans in very easy manner.

The machine also locates our luggage and furnish theft surveillance at some stage in traveling. This gadget is a entire answer to our traveling problems.8.2 PROBLEM DESCRIPTIONThe project idea is inspired by the American Blue Smart Company’s Suitcase.

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The main goal of this research on the problem related to the previous smart suitcase. In MAY 2018 the main problem is raised regarding the Smart Suitcase. that the LiPo battery of the smart suitcase cannot remove easily.

As we know the LiPo batteries are extremely dangerous so the Airt Port Authorities are directed to design the suitcase in such a way that the battery can easily be removed from the Suitcase.8.3FUTURE WORKTechnological progress is ever current in the tour enterprise – planes are continuously being upgraded, there’s a new safety machine at the airport every week In modern fast-paced and technological age we require greater freedom, flexibility, and fluidity than ever before. Staying linked on-the-go, working from somewhere in the world and common maneuverability are simply some of the needs of the modern traveler. Limitless lifestyles require limitless travel gear and the contemporary range of modern day clever luggage designs to arrive at Global Luggage are especially engineered for an enjoyable, stress-free and at ease trip. From power purses to digital suitcases, high-tech travelers are genuinely spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a graph suitable for their needs.

In a vary of authentically crafted leathers, covetable colors, and trend-focused aesthetics, the sensible designs in reality do not compromise on style either…Read on to find out our alternatives of the most fashionable, high-performing, contemporary journey tools on hand on our website right now: INCLUDEPICTURE “

jpg” * MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE “” * MERGEFORMATINET Figure 7.1• The future automation would have the functionality of voice recognition.

Through this feature, the Smart Suitcase is succesful to follow the voice commands.• By the use of extra effective and lightweight battery and including an additional port we can even cost a laptop.• In the future, through introducing a digital actuality in the venture we can get notifications about Date, Time, Flight time, and different notifications according to our requirements.• Advancement can also be achieved by the use of a proximity sensor in the suitcase.• We can expand the vary of the load cell.

• We can make our challenge greater enhance with the aid of using a greater luxurious suitcase.8.4SUMMARYOur prevalent plan was once excessively driven. Our group goal was to the configuration, test, and manufacture a Smartphone Controlled Smart Suitcase unit, interface an records logging framework, and sketch and put in force for our Smart Suitcase. Later on, if time grants, we may choose to execute more capacities on our automation.