Christians believe in having only one life which leads to either heaven

Christians believe in having only one life which leads to either heaven, hell or purgatory.
Christians don’t believe in karma
Prayer is a Christianity practice
Christian God created the world, man and woman.
Christians must confess sins to god and ask for forgiveness and Christians tend to avoid sinning.

Buddhists believe in karma ; reincarnation
Buddhists believe meditate and practice mindfulness
Buddhists believe in the four noble truths
The Buddha is a teacher who has reached enlightenment but is not a God
Sin is not recognized in Buddhism

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Sila: Morality (Karma, Being a good person, following The 5 Precepts)
Samadhi: Control of the mind (Meditation, mindfulness etc.)
Prajna: Purification of the mind (Wisdom)

There wheel of life is Buddhas teaching to enlightenment
In the center of the wheel are the three animals, the pig, snake ; the rooster each biting each others tails. These animals represent the 3 causes of suffering, greed, ignorance ; hatred.
There are 6 realms on the wheel:
Heaven Realm (Bliss, beauty, ecstasy etc.)
Realm of Rage ; Conflict (violence, envy, jealousy etc.)
Realm of Animals (instinct, survival etc.)
Hell Realm (agony, terror, depression etc.)
Realm of Hungry Ghosts (neediness, addictions, compulsions etc.)
Human Realms (purpose, aspirations, possibilities)