Chuck They were very popular in the younger generations

Chuck berry was a very famous early rock and roll player, he grew up in a poor neighborhood plagued by crime in the 1930s. He went to church with his family when he was growing up and that was his main influence to start singing and writing songs. As a teen he was arrested for armed robbery, while in jail he decided that the crime life did not have to be for him and he decided to start writing songs. He started to produce his hits in the 1950s after signing with chess records, his first hit was “Maybellene” in 1952. Chuck Berry was influential to rock and roll because he was the first inductee in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. I chose Chuck Berry because of his guitar skills and back to the roots style songs. AC/DC was founded in 1973 and was launched into stardom when their first hit “Highway to hell” was released in 1979. They were a small town band until Highway to hell was a top hit in the USA, AC/DC was heavily influenced by Muddy Waters and the Easybeats. They have influenced rock and roll with their pure number of records they’ve sold; 200 million. They influenced the teenagers of their generation and proved to them that anyone could do it and be a star. I chose AC/DC because they are one of my favorite bands of all time.The Sex Pistols were founded in 1975, they were well known for pouring all their emotions and beliefs into their songs. They were very popular in the younger generations because of their rebellious ideals. Adults disliked them for the exact same reason that teens loved them. They said what Teenagers thought about but would never say. The kings of teen influence at their peak. They weren’t influenced by anyone in particular but their emotions and beliefs. I chose The Sex Pistols because I like their songs because they said what they really felt and they didn’t care what other people thought Nirvana was founded 1987 and was a small grunge band until they released their album “Nevermind” the songs showed passion that the community of grunge didn’t usually have. They we emotionally and physically exhausted and all they wanted to do was get high and not be conscious in the world they lived in. Kurt Cobain their founder was heavily influenced by Mudhoney and Bikini Kill. Drug addiction and depression plagued Nirvana and in 1994 Kurt Cobain commited suicide driving a knife through the heart of teens and the grunge community. I chose Nirvana because i’m a fan of grunge and I think they were a good band cut short. The Jackson 5 was formed in 1964 and it contained 4 of Michael Jackson’s brothers and himself, Their song Want you back was a top hit and the thing that made it unique was that Michael Jackson was only 11 years old when they recorded it. They were Influenced by Marvin Gaye and the Teenagers. The Jackson 5 heavily influenced early disco and rock. I chose the Jackson 5 because i’m fascinated by how young Michael was when they were recording.  Mumford and Sons was formed in 2007 and it combined rock ideals with acoustic instruments, they were put in the race for first place with their song release “Believe” they were a fan favorite and no one could say they disliked them. They put christian ideals into their songs but they were so subtle that they were usually overlooked.  They were influenced by Winston Marshall. They sufford  backlash because of their American singer, but British band. Influenced rock because of their innovations of christian folk rock. I chose them because they are a personal favorite of mine. Quiet Riot was formed in 1973 and started out favored by all people but eventually they started decreased in popularity because of their outdated messages. Tried to gain some of it back by using glam rock ideals but they never really regained their popularity they started with. The final seal on their coffin was the cocaine overdose of Kevin Dubrow in 1980 their lead singer. They were influenced by Twisted Sister and Ratt. They influenced rock because they switched multiple genres within a very short period of time to try to become popular but failed. I chose Quiet Riot because I find their story very interesting but also depressingMaroon 5 was formed in 2001 and started out hidden underneath the already popular bands and artists of the time, it only took a year  for them to start gaining popularity after their debut album release: Songs about Jane, which claimed the number 6 on the top 200 songs. In 2005 they won the Grammy, “Best New Artist” Their first of many Grammys. I chose Maroon 5 because they are a fun and energetic band that I can relate too.  The Roots were formed in 1987 in poor neighborhood in  Philadelphia where they started out in the streets where they started to gain popularity by singing for the people in their neighborhood. Their debut album Organix shot them right into the pop scene, they went from the ghetto to a sensation buying all the rich houses and cars of the time. I chose the roots because they are a great example of how it doesn’t matter where you start it matters where you end. Bobby Bland was born in 1930 and moved to Memphis in 1947. He joined up in a group called the Miniatures, then he founded his own band Beale Streeters. In 1957 he released his Number 1 song “Father Up On The Road.” He was inducted to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1992, he died on June 23rd, 2013. I chose Bobby Bland because he sang songs about relationships and he showed the real side of things that people didn’t really understand.