Climate and that in return is disrupting the

Climate change has always been around for millions of years and scientists have continued to monitor its changes.

Climate change is something that we have to take serious because our quality at life depends on it because continued changes in the earth’s climate is causing a risk to our safety and health. There are many different causes but the four main causes are. Greenhouse gas emissions are causing the climate to change and causing extreme heat, downpours of rain and that in return is disrupting the planet earth’s ecosystems which play a major role in our water systems and with everyday wildlife. Greenhouse gas emissions contain more than 80 times the warming impact than that of carbon dioxide. The amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is warming the earth at a rapid rate the global mean surface temperature has only since the year 1880.carbon dioxide levels have not been as high as they are now for millions of years. Human activity also plays a major role in climate change on earth and with that the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continue to rise. Continued climate change will cause the quantity of the earth’s fresh water available to be disrupted it also poses a threat to our agriculture which will make it harder for food to grow and our availability to produce electricity.

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climate changes in our air quality as well as our water quality is causing the spread of new types of diseases by different species of insects. Climate change is also disrupting the planet earth’s vegetation it is causing the leaves on plants and trees to grow a lot thicker because of “carbon sink”. Human caused climate change will cause a lot more heat waves in the summer months in the western United States and California as well as the southwest and early as the year 2020 us what research shows. Carbon pollution from cars also contribute to the rapid climate change and global warming. Carbon pollution also impacts the temperatures, rising sea levels, extreme floods as well as very dry droughts. Cars and trucks are to hold account for emitting nearly 24 pounds of carbon dioxide while approximately 5 pounds of that comes from the delivery, production and extraction of fuel and about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide comes straight from a car’s tailpipe. The use of fossil fuels like coal and oil are plentiful as well as cheap in many places all around the world.

(climate change also affects our world oceans the ocean removes approximately 25% of anthropogenic co2 emissions (CNRS) but could remove and store a lot more). (Total solar irradiance or (TSI) is the measure of total energy received from the sun at the top of the atmosphere the changes in solar irradiance are a very important driver of climate changes is called the milankovitch cycle). (The sun’s impact on our planet’s climate has been a hotly debated topic in the context of climate change). (El nino is a complex natural phenomenon that takes place every few years and has nothing to do with greenhouse gas emissions by humans). In closing I think we all could do a better job at preserving our planet by going green we could all start by driving more fuel efficient cars and trucks that use lesser fuel to reach a destination. We could also recycle our trash to reduce the size of landfills on earth. We need to stop all of the littering on our roadways and oceans.

The world needs more solar power panels to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are being burned. The people of the world can make a difference when it comes to climate change and global warming if we want to live a smog and pollution free lifestyle. People all over the world could do their part to help our environment. We could do a lot to save our planet and reduce the effects of climate change. Climate change is something to think hard about because not only does it affect our environment it affects us and if we continue to harm our planet and pollute our oceans how much longer will we be able to withstand the effects of our climate changing as rapidly as it is.

Our earth is a beautiful place and we need to start working to keep our planet earth in great shape for future generations to live on. So go green and be more frugal because we need to create a happy earth.