Communication/Disclosure Policy and Stakeholder Feedback

Communication/Disclosure Policy and Stakeholder Feedback: Suncor has a disclosure policy that sets up guidelines for Suncor’s communications with shareholders, investment analysts, other stakeholders and the public. This policy includes actions to obviate selective disclosure of material information, identifies designated Suncor spokespersons and sets internal review processes for key public communications. The code addresses Suncor’s obligations for sustained and timely disclosure of material information and sets standards demanding directors, officers, employees and contract workers trading in Suncor shares and other securities to adhere to applicable law.
Suncor has disclosure rules and methods formed to ensure that material information connecting to Suncor is made known to CEO and Chief Financial Officer. In addition to that Suncor has Disclosure Committee headed by the Vice President and Controller, this committee created to execute due diligence arrangements to support financial reporting process and the certification of financial reports by the CEO and CFO.
Suncor explains its operation information by different tracks that including periodic financial reports, securities filings, news releases, sustainability report, webcasts, external web site social media posts, briefing sessions and group meetings. Also Suncor aims to induce the shareholders to give their feedback by various channels such as corporate communications and investor relations programs, surveys of shareholders and analysts, also by participation in the regulatory process.
The board realizes that the importance of communication between the board and shareholders or organizations that represent or advise them about issues of governance and for that purpose the Shareholder Communication and Engagement Policy adopted.