Competency Statement I

Competency Statement I: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.

Function Area 1: Safe
When working with children, safety is the first priority as a teacher. With that being the number one goal, in all reality accidents happen. We take extra precaution and complete an accident report form and give a call to our parents to keep them informed. To provide additional safety in the classrooms the ratio is always met in the classroom, and our backs are never to the children. We use the name to face form in our classroom as well. This allows us to make sure we have all the children accounted for as they arrive. We record the time they arrive and do an hourly count of the classroom. The name to face also keeps track of every staff member that enters the classroom, if they are in the classroom for a short time or long they have to be signed in. Every classroom should have age appropriate furniture to promote safety with low tables and shelves. The teacher who opens the classroom will have a daily checklist to make sure the classroom is safe to be occupied. Toys will also be age appropriate to prevent it from being a choking hazard. Toys are inspected throughout the day if any are broken they will either be repaired or thrown away. Chemicals are to be stored and locked out of reach of the children. Safety is my number one goal, and if I have any concerns or if something needs further attention that I can not provide I will report the matter to the supervisor.

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