Computer a network either local or via the

Computer NetworksNetwork architecture reportErika VolodkoN00152627 Network Services What is DHCPDHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and it enables the user of a computer to not have to make any TCP/IP settings (such as IP addresses and DNS servers) themselves but instead allow their computer to communicate automatically with a DHCP server on every network that it connects. To which this server will provide them with the settings that allow to function on that network.

Meaning that for large enterprise networks, DHCP can manage multiple IP addresses rather than managing each one manually.Because of DHCP automatically configuring any computer or any other device which connects to a network either local or via the internet, it is used in almost every device which connect to a network such as computers, smartphones, printers and etc.Checking if DHCP is enabledWhat is DNS?DNS stands for Domain Name System and it controls the name of a domain to be human friendly.

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It automatically translates the website names we type in our browser to the actual IP addresses of the web servers which host those sites.Checking if DNS is workingWhat is IIS?IIS stands for Internet Information Services and is a web server which allows to request HTML pages or files. It was produced by Microsoft for using with their Windows Server and hosting content from the web and websites.

To explain it simply, ISS turns the users computer into a web server which will then allow to provide FTP services, World Wide Web publishing services and others. We can use it to display content from a server by obtaining its IP address and registering the domain on a DNS server.There are different IIS versions for different versions of Windows Servers.Checking IIS file exchange What is FTP?FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it allows to move files from one computer to another and the address looks a lot like a web site address except its prefix uses ftp:// instead of using http://. It allows for simple files like text or images to be uploaded as web page files to the server or downloaded from the server on a different machine. Checking if FTP is enabled with FilezillaI had to add a new site in the filezilla software and then enter the above information to create a connection. At first I couldn’t get the connection working however when I went back to my server and enabled the authorization through the Action tab in the DHCP manager and then disabled the main connection to the college through the Ethernet adapter settings, everything started working.

How Computer Networks OperateNetwork protocols enable devices the ability to community through electronic signals that are send over a network connection. Devices on computer networks function in two most common roles, clients and servers which I have used in my assignment. The network clients would be devices such as PCs, tablets phones and printers and server clients would be web and game servers. Generally a network can support more clients than servers.

To make a network there needs to be nodes and links between them and linking up these nodes means it will make some sort of temporary/permanent connection between them however wireless connections have become popular with many devices in today’s world which can be set up through routers. Chosen Network ServiceSetting up a Steam Source Dedicated Server for RustName of Network ServiceI am using the Steam software to run the Steam Source dedicated server.What the Service DoesSteam is a gaming digital distribution platform which offers services such as gaming,  social networking and digital rights management . I will be using my steam account ID and a game called Rust which I have in my Steam account to set up a server and control some settings such as inventory, kicking/adding players, environmental and physical aspects of the avatar such as their movement or the game camera.How to implement the serviceI had to download the official server program from Rust’s website and extract it onto my desktop.Then I went into the Run_DS Windows Batch file which executes the server and connects it to my account.

I had to rename it and take note of the port number for future reference.Once I had that done, I doubled clicked the installation file and waited for it to finish downloading all the necessary updates. I didn’t have to enter in any code while it was updating.After the installation was finished, I went online to get my steam account ID number as I needed to tell the server that my account is the owner of it when I sign in to the game. My account ID number is in steeamID64 section.This is what the installation batch file looks like to my server fully installed. Windows Firewall had to be disabled in order for the server to work  I typed in :  ownerid mysteamaccountnumber myservername What this did was make my account the server owner and let me control the game in-game.

I named the server “Eriluks” so the players that went into the game would see that name.Then I also added “writecfg” which is writing permissions to my account in the server, allowing me to manipulate the game to my liking.Then I had to sign in to my Steam account and Rust ( the game ) and open up the console by pressing F1.

The console is my tool for changing the server.In the console I had to connect to my own local server with the port number that we have looked at before in the Run_DS file. You can see that if one number or a letter is wrong there will be no connection. In order to access my server I typed in:client.

connect localhost:28015Once connected into my own server, I can check the different dabs like the information of the server such as its speed and ping, available items that can be found and tools such as the different layers of the game. If all are unchecked then there is no working game world and just space.Testing the serviceFor testing I checked and unchecked the tool selections to see my control over the world however I also wanted to have control over other aspects of the game such as physics and avatars. There is a list of commands which can be found for the Rust server online and one of them is binding a movement to a keyboard letter. In this case I’m selecting the L button and when the person jumps, they can fly meaning that gravity is not applicable anymore and I can go as far up as I want. I can also change how the camera works by binding the P key which will then change the first person view that players general see to be fixed.

So when the player moves the mouse or zooms in and out, the camera changes. How the service works?For most game servers, the hosts need to pay in order to have their own full server running. The server must be constantly run and there are multiple admins looking after them like in the official game servers. The Rust file that was downloaded is a command line console which installed the mechanism and all the relevant files in order for the Rust server to be updated and installed to the host.

This will create a server instance and allow basic control over the game. The server connects to the server port 28015 which is the Rust client connection port.What Protocols the Service uses?RCON is used and it stands for Remote Console. Its a web based tool for Rust server owners. It uses Websockets which is an advanced technology making it possible to create an open interactive communication session between a server and the user’s browser. It also uses the Source RCON Protocol which is a TCP/IP based communication protocol that Rust uses and the other Source servers.

Finishing up As I mentioned before, there are many commands that can be used to change the server. The server console must always be running in order for it to work. Any changes that are made to the server such as distributing items to certain players, can be seen in the server console like in the screenshot below. Different permissions can be set up for the server such as the owner and moderator. Both can kick or ban players if needed. This is not an official server however it can be found easily with the local IP address. Players can be also added manually to the game.

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