Construction VR experience helped Audiincrease new car

Construction IndustryThe application of MR can be extended to construction as well. In construction industry, MRsystem with wall penetration radar allows builders to avoid costly mistakes by showing themwhat’s inside the wall instead of breaking them up to see.Other Use Cases of Mixed and Virtual RealityPage 4 Virtual and Mixed RealityRetail IndustryRetailers are using VR to enable customers to experience products from the comfort of theirhome by virtually viewing its fit and feel. The Audi VR experience allows customers toexperience their dream car virtually in real time. They can explore every detail of the vehicleclearly.

Forbes reported that at the pilot location in London, this VR experience helped Audiincrease new car sales by 60 to 70 percent with 75 percent of the sales coming from first timebuyer. 50 percent of customers purchased the car without a physical test drive in the first yearat the London Audi dealership. Lowe’s rolled out Holoroom with Oculus Rift to help customersmake remodeling decisions. Ikea also offers virtual showrooms to its customers.Learning and TrainingSimulation Based Learning (SBL) is another revolutionary application of MR which can disruptlearning and development at the workplace. The technique is already being used by surgeons topractice critical surgery procedures virtually, as they get physical experience of performing theprocedure as well as feedback on how their work is affecting the patient.

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The cost of Pilotsimulation training, which usually rely on sophisticated simulators, can be greatly reduced ifreplaced by cost efficient VR solutions. Houston based Training Center of Air Conditioning andHeating have collaborated with Brown Technical Media to deliver a VR hands on simulationtraining experience to students. Similar, learning mechanism can be adopted for industrialtraining as well.

Customer ServiceMR can disrupt the customer service market. In case of machine breakdown, remotetroubleshooting has the potential to improve customer experience by reducing the time forrepair and cost for service. Using MR, the technical representative can view the exact technicalissue and can guide the customer through remote troubleshooting process.Travel and TourismVR application can also be useful to travel and tourism industry for promotion of tourism. A VRexperience program called Wild Within promotes tourism in Canada’s British Columbia.Through the VR experience viewers can travel through rainforest either through the coastline ora mountain. The Wild Within program is available both through Oculus Rift VR headset and iOSand Android mobile VR app.

With VR gears like Taclim VR boots from Cerevo, tourists couldsoon virtually take a stroll on a beach and actually feel the sandy terrain beneath their feet.Effects like ocean breezes and the sound of waves breaking and shorebirds, could heightentheir travel experience.