Continental shelf

Continental shelf: a broad, flat, submerged platform, consisting of a thick layer of flat-lying shallow-water sediment, that extends from the shoreline to the edge of the continental slope. A type of marine environment; located at the shallow waters off continental shores, where sedimentation is controlled by relatively gentle currents
Flexural basin: a type of sedimentary basin that develops at a convergent boundary where one lithospheric plate pushes up over the other and the weight of the overriding plate causes the underlying plate to bend or flex downward.
Sedimentary basins important for mankind because of mainly sedimentary basins are places where the essential elements of a petroleum system is deposited, and where the necessary processes occurs:
Reservoir which holds hydrocarbon,Source rocks which generate hydrocarbon,Trap which accumulate hydrocarbon
Overburden which buries source rocks to conducive temperature and pressure.