Control of the management organization Materials are

Control and administration of the raw materials:Needs management and control of raw materials is due to the fact thatvery important to ensure that the objectives of the management organizationMaterials are concerned that instead. One of the main objectives of management proudct in the lowest possible cost while achieving the best performanceTo achieve the investment objective was laudable, effective control is requiredSystem, from the acquisition of raw materials to the final production stage.The department store company is responsible for Managing andcontrol of raw materials and finished product inventory to ensure the effective and efficient managementand the use of appropriate to minimize the waste that causes reduced profit organization. To this end, the size of the internal controls adopted the following:in. The composition of the control of the stock material to establish the maximumand the minimum quantity terms through free registration in stockgeneral ledger control account also recorded continuously.second. physical stock checks to determine the exact amount of inventorythen we reconcile accounts and

continuous accumulation of stock: inventory form was placed in theplacing great moral controls on staff with department storeswith respect to the theft or misappropriation of goods or products.again. All the inventory issue for factory and store energy which is supported by duly authorizedRequisitions.In addition, to minimize waste, the management of the Aref Contractor Companyensures that only a certain quantity of raw material supplied to the plant dailyThe method of determining the issue of raw materials and production department based onenter the last first-out (LIFO). None of the material is perishable, so do not needspecial arrangements for the warehouse.

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Purchases of raw materials and distribution:the company’s board of directors is the body’s main policy formulation. advice isled by President elect.the power to purchase and inventory control of its divisions in purchasing; whichstore as one unit and. function was delegated to the Procurement Officer isafter receiving the request from each departmental manager. accountabilitydepartment ensures that payments to buy raw materials needed to make the tourRecords are stored in the Aref Contractor Company , there is a procedure established for stock