Cooking to teach kids about responsibility, as well as


Cooking with kids can be a great experience
for both adults and children. It provides an opportunity to bond as a family,
and offers opportunities to teach kids about responsibility, as well as the learning
skills involved in following a recipe and preparing a meal. Teaching a child to
cook also ensures they have a lifelong skill to develop as they grow up.

Trusting your child to help with an
important daily activity such as cooking makes them have a sense of responsibility.
They get to be involved in preparing a meal, and having others depend on their
actions often leads them to behave responsibly to accompany this new role. Kids
also get to enjoy a sense of accomplishment and achievement when they are able
to make things themselves, and have others enjoy what they have created,
helping to build their self-esteem.

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When it comes to following a recipe, there
are many opportunities to teach your child. Following the instructions properly
to achieve the correct end result helps improve kids’ reading abilities. Adding
correct measurements lets you teach your kid about fractions such as the
difference between ¼ cup and ½ cup, or how many thirds in a whole. Setting
temperatures helps your child learn numbers, and determining the size of pan
needed helps with size estimation and geometry. Seeing how heating ingredients
changes the structure of them opens the door for a basic chemistry lesson as

Kid’s Crepe Flavour Ideas

When making crepes with your children, try
to incorporate things they already enjoy in your creations. This can be done when
making both savoury and sweet recipes. For example, if you’re making dinner
time crepes fill them with chicken and greens and add dressing for a new take
on a chicken caesar wrap. Another excellent idea is ham and cheese. Sliced deli
ham or pieces of a cooked ham work equally well in this variation, depending on
the preference of your child. For those fussy eaters, treating the crepe as
bread and making a fun grilled cheese will get them excited for a new recipe.

An excellent choice for any child that is
sure to satisfy, is a sweet crepe. You can really use your imagination here and
be creative, as there are many possibilities to work with. A popular flavour
with young palates is strawberry. Whether you want to make a simple strawberry
syrup to drizzle over your crepes, add fresh fruits, whipped cream, chocolate
or a chocolate and hazelnut spread, many flavour combinations pair well together
to create something fun and delicious.

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