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Current event 2Student name: Sihui LuanStudent number: 02020071Date:10/31/2018Recently I read an article from CNN news: “YouTube invested $20 million in educational videos”.

The company announced that they will put $20 million into a series of educational channels to support creators making learning-based videos and provide them more resources. In addition, this company is launching a learning channel with DIY videos and tutorials that will be listed under the “best of YouTube” section on the homepage (O’Brien, 2018). YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that “our hope is to support those who use YouTube to share their knowledge with the world and the million of users who come to our platform to learn”. (O’Brien, 2018).

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Nowadays education is so important, and it is very useful if we can learn something from the YouTube Channels. The YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki who achieved high education level. She graduated from Harvard university in 1990, She also got her Master of Science in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1993 and a Master of Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1998. (Wikipedia, 2018). In 1999. She became the first marketing manager in google then she started up the google video service called YouTube. In 2014, she became the CEO of YouTube. She is a leader which can lead her team develop many new things, she developed lots of new channels in YouTube like family, music and gaming.

She also provided the advertisement-free subscription service, YouTube Premium and internet television service YouTube TV. (Wikipedia, 2018). Nowadays, she and the whole YouTube team are focusing on education channels, it can help users share their knowledge and other users from the world all can learn. I think this plan is great because it is so expensive if we go to tutorial classes outside the school, and the online course is also expensive. This time maybe we can search on YouTube if someone posted a video which may related to our courses or problems. YouTube also provided the educational channels for kids, so they will attract so many users use their platform for all age groups. If more and more people are using YouTube, I think YouTube will attract more investments and more advertisements promotions.

Susan as a leader she also controls YouTube’s environment, they are planning to take down about 8 million videos from October to December, because some video may refer to violence, spam and adult content. (O’Brien, 2018). It is very important to clean the whole platform and keep the environment safe and healthy, because of the educational channels are launched, and so many kids and students will use YouTube. The company also plans to host more EduCon conferences which can motive video creators and viewers meet and communicate in real life, if we followed one educational channel, we can meet the creator and share our opinions, such as what we want to learn more and the creators will know where should be improved or changed that will help the video creators improve their video quality, If the video quality is increased it will have many positive impacts to YouTube, maybe they will attract more and more professionals to share their knowledge through the platform. Before we share our learning experiences on YouTube, the company has their own academy course to teach their users how to start an educational channel, this course offers strategies for all creators interested in making educational videos on YouTube. They offered four lessons and when we finished every lesson we will have a quiz, at the end of this course we will have an exam to check our knowledge. It is a great controlling way for the company to analyze how many people took this course and what educational level they are. They also offered the academic courses for how to create great content, how to make money with YouTube, and how to develop beauty channels, they covered a lot of things about how to become a good YouTuber.

These courses will encourage and motive more and more people upload video on YouTube. (YouTube, 2018). Reference pageO’ Brien, S. (2018). YouTube invested $20 million in educational videos. Retrieved from:

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