DBQ they were also capable to live on

DBQ EssayThere was many changes that happened during 1920s that affected people in America, the most important ones were women changes and Harlem Renaissance. Women had many privileges after the change.The Harlem Renaissance took place in New York during 1920s, it was a benefit for African American because it helped them leave an impact on the society and African American began to influence society during Great Migration. The most important changes during 1920s were women changes and prohibition. During 1910 to 1920, women role in work changed and so did there fashion and behavior all of these changes were an improvement for women. In document three, the Women’s Changing Employment, 1910-1920,the chart shows the change in women.

The chart shows how women were capable of doing things that before they could not do. For example the chart shows that women’s clerical was 7.3% in 1910 and it improved in 1920 to 16.6%.The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote. The first women to vote was Susan B. Anthony, she voted on November 5th, 1872.

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Anthony and other women led to suffrage movement during 1900s. When it comes to women role in work, women worked in different jobs because men were in war. Women were then capable to serve themselves and they were also capable to live on their own. There was a poster that showed women were strong and the poster became iconic for the rest of 1920s.

Women stood up for themselves and they became successful in doing other things. In document 4, The Wages of Motherhood: Inequality in the Welfare State, 1917-1942, by Gwendolyn Mink talks about women’s fashion and their behavior. Women fashion also changed.

There were given the name “flappers” Women’s cloth were more fashionable. There dresses/skirts were shorter and more skin was shown. They had more freedom in wearing what they wanted. Women also changed their behavior, some smoked and and drank in public and no one was allowed to stop them. Womens fashion and behavior also changed. At first women were not allowed to dress how they wanted, then later in 1920 women dressed more daring. They wore shorter things and they were more casual. Also women were behaved really good, later in 1920 they were allowed to smoke and drink in public.

Women work role, fashion and behavior changed and they were allowed to do more things than they did before. Prohibition started on January 16, 1920 and it was when the 18th amendment was affected. In document 8, it shows that during prohibition the number of murders and assaults decreased a lot and after prohibition it increased.Prohibition had to be stopped and in order of stopping it women and churches were involved to stop prohibition.

The reason women supported prohibition was because they thought that it alcohol was running their lives and their families.The benefits of prohibition was there would be no alcohol and without alcohol men were able to bring more money, there was less violence and crimes, less injuries in workplaces and many other things. The 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment and because of the 21st amendment, the 18th amendment was legal again. In document 9, War Prohibition Act, it shows an act called Volstead Act, this act was an act that enforced prohibition. This act banned alcohol. The Volstead act was passed on October 28, 1919. This act set laws and it stated that those with alcohol will go to jail or will pay a fine.

The way it helped ban alcohol. Many people tried avoiding prohibition because it helped create less crimes and victims, men were actually working the right way and they were taking care of their family. It was also for people safety. Prohibition started in 1920 and ended in 1933, it lasted 13 years. During prohibition Woodrow Wilson was the president.

Prohibition started because of the 18th amendment and it prohibited transportation, and exporting of alcoholic beverages. It caused many things that affected the world in a bad way. The changes that happened in 1920 affected many people either in good or bad. Women had many privileges, like they were allowed to vote, work in different jobs, different fashion. Women basically had their own freedom because mens were in war.

Prohibition was also another thing that changed during 1920s. At the end of the war prohibition ended and alcohol was again legal.