Dear sleeping problem, we would like to introduce

Dear customers,Ernest Hemingway once said that “I love to sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” See, how important sleeping is! As our pace of life is getting faster, the quality of our life is getting worse. As the people pursue the material wealth for their life, they begin to forget what they are wanted to be. Their lives become listless as many problems have happened such as the sleeping problem.

Some of them become dispirited as they are having insomnia or a discomfort sleeping. To improve their quality of sleeping or cure their insomnia and other sleeping problem, we would like to introduce our product — “Slepmo Sleeping Mask”.Slepmo is an intelligent ionized sleep tracking mask with smart alarm and with different aroma pack which helps you to achieve the high-quality sleeping time. The amazing sleep tracking and smart alarm technology will be the reason why you need Slepmo.

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The smart alarm technology is using the light signals which NASA used to modulate the astronaut’ circadian rhythms. The blue and red light in Slepmo regulates your personal sleeping time. Glowing blue light wakes you gently and refreshingly in the morning, while the dulling red light stimulates melatonin secretion and helps you fall asleep at night. For stubborn insomniacs, our patented Sleep Enhancement Technology guides users into sleep with pulsing lights.

These lights pulse at slower Delta frequencies (0.5Hz – 4Hz) at the sleeping time and faster Alpha frequencies (8Hz – 14Hz) at the waking time.Furthermore, Slepmo allows you to track your Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycle and long-term sleeping patterns.

It is shown that people with adequate REM sleep have better memory and more optimistic, while deficiency of REM sleep can be extremely harmful to one’s health. Your sleep report including REM cycle analysis and sleep duration will be generated automatically every time you connect Slepmo to your laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth.The Slepmo is rechargeable via a wireless system. It only takes one hour to be fully charged and can last for one month. Once the device is Wifi’ed up, it will automatically connect to the mothership to ensure the firmware running up to date. The following is how the data is presented in the app:Heart rate per minuteLight sleep durationDeep sleep durationREM sleep durationTemperatureLuminosity (light levels)Noise levelSleep indexes are further elaborated with the following data points:Sleep durationTime asleepTime awakeAmount of REM/light and deep sleepOxygen saturationResting heart-rateSlepmo is made of turmaline-rich fabric that releases subtle far infrared ray and anions during use. Negative ion in our Slepmo mask increases the flow of oxygen to the brain.

The subtle energy released during the skin contact will help in blood circulation, boost regeneration of cells, purify the blood, enhance the body immune system and facilitate oxygenation around the eye areas. Negative ions mask is designed to relieve a migraine, headache and common eye problems such as glaucoma, dark circles, poor vision, muscae volitantes, myopia or hyperopia, watery or dry eyes, Amblyopia, eyes strain and eye bag. Slepmo is easy to clean and quick-drying as well as offer long-lasting effect.Our company promotes original (without any scent) and three variations of aroma which are lavender, chamomile and cedarwood. Firstly, lavender can raise blood circulation and treat neurological issues like depression, strain and stress.

By the way, it can boost your sleeping standard. Besides, chamomile is also a floral and fruity fragrance, which can reduce stress and enhance your resting quality. Since it has a direct impact on the brain, it is good for sleeplessness that causes by nervousness, anxiety, irritation and fear.

Cedarwood support entire night’s sleep and it has shown calming properties to enhance relaxation and stress. In addition, it helps to decrease blood pressure and alleviating hypertension. For people trouble with sleeping, Slepmo enables you to sleep better and wake up energized. Slepmo is suitable for travelers to deal with jet lag; ladies to reduce fine wrinkles and dark circles; students to relieve tired eye due to long hours screen time and study; seniors to prevent old age deterioration of the eyesight. You can use it while taking nap on the airplane, having a 20 minutes power nap in the workplace, and for a good night sleep. It is very soft and comfortable as it uses hook-and-loop fastener to adjust fit.

Slepmo has 25% less mass compared to the leading brand and 10% more negative ions inside. Positive mood is also one of the remarkable benefit of using Slepmo. People say that they can feel an elevated mood throughout the day due to putting on this mask at night for a sound sleep. Clinically tested that Slepmo blocks up to 99% noise and ensure a quality sleeping time of yours.

In a 500 people clinical experiment, 98% of them reported reduce in a migraine and increased focus and concentration due to sufficient sleep after wearing Slepmo for one month. So start using Slepmo so that you can be great leader as well as better team player!Order it at our extraordinary cost with RM100 only per sleeping mask (including aroma pack). You will get the opportunity to save more than 10% by joining to become our member!Just follow 5 simple steps as below to bring your Slepmo home:Step 1: Visit 2: Sign up become our member via Facebook/ WeChat/ Phone NumberStep 3: Place your order (add it to the cart)Step 4: Pay using WeChat pay/ PayPal/ American Express/ Visa card/ Debit card/ FPXStep 5: Receive your order within 5 working days.

Shop online such as Lazada, Shopee and Zalora also have been provided just for your convenience. Do not miss a single chance, the offer will end on August 31 in 2018. To know more about the information, visit us at If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact 03-92128567 or email [email protected]

com. You are welcomed to visit our physical shop at 2 Jalan Wira, Bandar Permaisuri, 82000, Kuala Lumpur.P.S: If you are not very satisfied with our item, just directly return it within 15 days of purchase for a full refund (receipt should be provided as a proving). You have nothing to lose and acquire everything! So, what are you waiting for?