Dear him. David is truly special for his compassion

Dear colleagues,


It is my pleasure to recommend David
for admission to your graduate program. As the Head of the Raphael Recanati
International School, I witnessed the exceptional contributions that David made
to our school community. Not only was he an outstanding and hard-working
student, but he took to heart to enlighten the lives of those surrounding him. David
is truly special for his compassion and commitment to helping others.

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As part of his involvement David committed
himself to the French speaking students and organized lectures and events for
the French community some of which we continue to hold today. The events ranged
from a cultural or an informative conference to concrete workshops to assist
foreign students integrate in Israel. He also helped my team and myself promote
the school to prospective French students. Besides David was an important
member of the Hillel center throughout his studies and used to take the lead
during our Friday night dinners as well as during the week ends organized by
the center. Volunteering at the Hillel center David helped many students and
himself get a family and a sense of belonging in Israel, a foreign country for
most of them.


David joined our school as one of our
best students, deserving a merit scholarship, but through the years in our
program he grew to have a powerful voice in our school community, speaking up
for what he believed in and proving himself to be an impassioned and inspiring
leader. Working with David in several occasions, I had the opportunity to
witness his abilities to lead and take initiatives but also to teamwork and
adapt to the circumstances.


David’s academic accomplishments were
impressive throughout his degree at IDC. He managed to be on the dean’s list
every year and to graduate with the best distinction our school offers. His teachers
described him as an insightful, sensitive, perceptive, and quick student. I was
particularly impressed to see that he was able to obtain excellent results in
every domain, in Finance, his specialization of course, but also in mathematics
and statistics as well as in more general courses such as Marketing and Organizational


David has my enthusiastic
recommendation. If your graduate program is seeking superior candidates with a
record of achievement, David is an excellent choice. He has consistently
demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face. He is a
kind, compassionate, intelligent, and strong person who has a clear sense of
direction and purpose. I am confident that he will bring the same warmth,
support, insight, and hard work to his graduate classes and social community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.