Definition the Evangelist B. Thomas Augustus Watson ,

Definition : “Fearfulness is an unpleasant emotion caused by the impression that someone or something is dangerous , likely to cause pain or a threat.” Creation : Fear is one such emotion that is pre-political program into all animals and peoples as an instinctual reaction to potential danger. Psychologists such as John the Evangelist B. Thomas Augustus Watson , Robert Plutchik, and Paul Ekman have suggested that there is only a small set of basic or innate emotion and that awe is one of them. This hypothesized set includes such emotions as ague stress reaction, anger, angst, anxiety,fright, repulsion , joy, affright , and sadness.

Fear is closely related to. At the presence of any kind of stimulus that is dangerous or sudden , a concern response is generated .basically at afrst response to concern amygdala and hypothalamus are activated ,these two biological marrow are actually involve in reverence perception and version . certain chemicals like adrenaline stress hormone and cortisol are released into the rakehell stream .these hormones causes sudden changes interior the dead body and generates physiological effects on body including; • Rapid warmness rate • Increased rake pressure • Tightening of muscles • Dilation of the pupils (to let in more light) • Increased rate of perspiration Fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular impairment , gastrointestinal problems such as ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome , and decreased fertility. CAUSES OF Reverence : Normally fright is not a upset it’s a biological response of boby to any thin sudden r dangerous but due to abnormal operation of biological centres it will become a phobia that is disorder .

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There are numerous causes of fearfulness . Some are better known than others, such as the fear of spiders (Arachnophobia), fear of blood (Hemaphobia), fear of top (Acrophobia) and fear of test (Testophobia). Others types of fear not so well known are fear of mirrors (Catoptrophobia), fear of hair (Chaetophobia), fear of being tickled b