Emperor Caligula Have you ever wondered how it would be if you would be an emperor at a really young age and rare experience

Emperor Caligula Have you ever wondered how it would be if you would be an emperor at a really young age and rare experience? The way Tiberius treated Caligula´s family, Caligula ´transformed´ to a harsh and merciless ruler. Emperor Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was born in Antium, today´s Anzio, on the 31st August 12 AD and murdered in Rome on the 24th January 41 AD. At the age of three, he began having a good relationship with his father. His father was Germanicus, who was a popular young man among the Romans. Carigula started to attend military campaigns. He earned his nickname ´Caligula´, which is translated to small boots, since he would always wear a uniform with boots on it. When Emperor Augustus became sick, he appointed his stepson Tiberius to become the leader of the Roman Empire but Tiberius was a very unpopular leader at that time. People were not in favor of having Tiberius as the leader of the Roman Empire. Augustus decided that Tiberius would adopt Germanicus. After Augustus´ death, Caligula´s life changed completely. Tiberius sent Germanicus to the eastern provinces, where he died due to an alleged disease. Caligula´s mother, Agrippina thought that Tiberius killed Germanicus so that Tiberius imprisoned Caligula´s mother where she starved to death and killed the two oldest brothers of him. Then Caligula and his sister were forced to life with his great grandmother, Augustus´ wife. In 31 AD , Caligula was forced by Tiberius to go to the island of Capri, where another man, who was forced to suppress Caligula, would adopt him. This man was assumed to have murdered Germanicus. Caligula was treated that bad that he became traumatized. Although being emotionally at the end, Caligula was enjoying public executions or torture in his free time. Even Tiberius himself saw that Caligula was at his end. In the year 37 AD, Tiberius became very sick and he died one month later. Although people were accusing Caligula for choked him to death, they were still happy about his death and they were in favor of having Caligula as their leader since people believed that he would be same as his father. The senate of Rome agreed unanimously but they did not think about the fact that 24 years old Caligula had no experience in leading an empire of at the battlefield. During the beginning of his reign Caligula put many people free, whom Tiberius sent in. He also stopped the injustice of taxation upon the civilians. Caligula has also been very generous in government spending. He spent huge amounts of money on the bonuses of the army. He was very popular and everybody liked him. By destroying Tiberius contracts, many people who were in exile were able to come back. It was said that Caligula killed over 100 thousand animals at the beginning of his reign. He spent his money lavishly in public entertainment like chariot racing or gladiator fights. After six months of ruling, Caligula became very sick or as other assume that he was poisoned. Every single factor depended if he would die or continue living. But he recovered very quickly but this illness changed Caligula´s character completely. He became a very different person and his view towards his empire changed. When he came back to ruling Rome, he started to kill his rivals. Maybe the illness reminded Caligula of his traumatized background history. He killed many of family members. Being very bloodthirsty, he forced the parents of the executed person to watch them die. The fact, which changed people´s view on Caligula is that Caligula made himself to become a god. He forced people to build a bridge between his palace and the temple of Jupitar so that he could ´communicate´ with the god Jupitar. The merciless treatment of his people made the population hating him. The following action were very similar to the actions, which Tiberius did. Locking in innocent people or killing them mercilessly. After these events the population were very paranoid by their leader. Even the birth of his daughter did not change his attitude towards his own people.